8 Portrait of Zainal’s Flower Husband When Fostering Two Heroes, Loving – Become Intermediaries for Children to Fight

Kapanlagi.com – Monday, June 22, 2020 was celebrated as Father’s Day. At that special moment, Bunga Zainal’s husband, Sukhdev Singh was congratulated by his wife and two children. Bunga and her two children, conveyed their congratulations through a photo post on their Instagram account.

Known as a famous producer, it is certain that Sukhdev is a father figure with a myriad of activities. Even so, it turns out Sukhdev is still a role model father for both sons Zainal flower. On several occasions, Sukhdev was also seen enjoying his time with Karan and Harneel. Like any father in general, Sukhdev looks like he can care for his two sons lovingly.

Curious, what was the moment when Sukhdev Singh was taking care of his two little heroes? Here are some of his portraits compiled from various sources.

1. Accompany Children to Play

In the midst of his activities as a producer, Sukhdev Singh was still able to set aside time to play with children. Sukhdev seems to routinely invite his children to play together each time after work. Just like most people, for Sukhdev playing with children can be a way to restore energy that is exhausted because of work. So, it is only fitting that Sukhdev looks so familiar with his two men.

2. Sports Together

Portrait of togetherness Sukhdev Singh and his two sons are also seen when they exercise together. Having two active boys, Sukhdev chose soccer. Wearing sports clothes complete with shoes, Sukhdev, Karan, and Harneel look compact and ready to kidnap the round leather.

A video shows when the three are busy playing ball. In the video, it is clear that Sukhdev and his two sons enjoyed their time together.

3. Accompany Cooking

Behind his predicate as a producer, Sukhdev Singh turned out to be a very caring and patient father. In a photograph seen Sukhdev accompanying his youngest son, Harneel, grilling food. Sukhdev and Harneel seem to work together when cooking. Sweet moments and even then perpetuated by Flowers Zainal. According to Bunga, when being serious like this Sukhdev and Harneel look increasingly similar.

4. Carrying the Youngest

The youngest Harneel seemed to be very close to his father. On various occasions, Harneel was very attached to Sukhdev Singh. In this photo, Harneel seemed unable to escape from her father’s arms. Likewise with Sukhdev who seemed so fond of his youngest son.

5. Spend free time together

Having a brilliant career, Sukhdev still makes his family a priority. He seemed to enjoy various moments of being together with his wife and children. Therefore, Sukhdev chose to spend every free time he had with his family. Starting from relaxing, eating together, to family holidays.

6. Accompany while on vacation

The moment of family vacation could be the moment eagerly awaited by Karan and Harneel. Because, during the Sukhdev holiday can provide all of their time for them. Taken during a family vacation, in this photo Sukhdev, Karan, and Harneel can look so familiar like three friends.

7. Paying attention to Child Development

Sukhdev Singh is a family man father figure. He can carry out his role as head of the family, husband for Bunga Zainal, and father for his two sons. Sukhdev seemed to understand how to be a good father to Karan and Harneel.

In a post that showed him with Karan and Harneel, Sukhdev quoted a quote from Abigail van Buren who inspired him.

“If you want children to grow up well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money,” Sukhdev wrote.

8. Become an intermediary

Karan and Harneel have a distance that is not too far away. So, not infrequently Karan and Harneel had a small fight like most children. If this happens, Sukhdev Singh then intervenes to reconcile. As a wise father, Sukhdev became the mediator between Karan and Harneel when they fought. Really wise, and deserves the title of exemplary father.

Those are some of the portraits when Sukhdev Singh’s husband Zainal raised her two heroes. Sukhdev’s attitude that always prioritizes the family even though how busy they are should be emulated.

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