8 Portrait of Enzy Storia’s Transformation, The Small Size of a Caucasians with Hairy Bowls – Hilarious and Beautiful Figure

Kapanlagi.com – Beautiful, talented, and humorous, those are some things that are attached to the figure of Enzy Storia. Starting a career as a model, then a soap opera player, now Enzy is also known as a presenter. His appearance when bringing the event together Vincent, Desta, and Hesti Purwadinata always waiting for.

Not just because it’s beautiful, innate Enzy Storia the jolly also warms the atmosphere. Enzy now seems to be excellent in the entertainment world. His name is getting famous, his career is getting more brilliant.

But, what about Enzy’s transformation portrait from when she was a child to how charming she is now? Compiled from his personal Instagram account, here are some snapshots of Enzy Storia’s transformation.

1. Little Enzy Has a Very White Face

Enzy Storia Leovarisa was born in Jakarta on August 10, 1992. Born from a mixed marriage partner, Enzy was born with a beautiful face typical of a half-breed. While still a child, Enzy was seen to have a funny face with reddish bowl-shaped hair. Anyone who encountered a childhood Enzy would feel exasperated and wanted to pinch his cheek.

2. Clever Stylish since childhood

Enzy Storia began her career in the entertainment world as a model. Enzy’s talent as a model seems to have existed since she was a child. Look at this photo, little Enzy who still wears a bowl hair style looks very flirty posing on a bicycle. Enzy’s adorable impression as a child was indisputable.

3. A jolly child

Besides being beautiful, Enzy Storia is also known as a cheerful person. In one of his most recent posts on Instagram, Enzy shares her moments with her late father. Seen, Enzy has a big smile that indicates that she is so jolly. Not to mention, little Enzy has sparkling eyes. Anyone who saw must feel like to accompany him to play all day.

4. Starting a Career Since Teenagers

Enzy Storia began her career at a young age of 17 years. In 2009, the daughter of the couple Peter Millford and Maryani Agusrita began her career as a model. After that, Enzy began her career in acting. Her beautiful face and fresh appearance made Enzy star in many teen soap operas in the 2010s period. WHITE GRAY and HANDSOME BUT WEREWOLF, two examples of soap opera titles that began to bounce their names.

5. Increasingly Mature

Long enough until finally Enzy Storia can be separated from her image as a teenage soap opera player. But, along with age, Enzy slowly increasingly looks mature. Simultaneously, Enzy also began to get a more mature role than the characters in previous soap operas.

One of them when he became the figure of Sarah in POOL OJEK PORT. No longer playing as a high school kid, Enzy plays a career woman. At that time, Enzy seemed to slightly change her appearance by dying her hair darker. This makes it look more mature and more beautiful.

6. Family Merciful

It’s not just the appearance that changes from Enzy Storia as we get older. In terms of character, Enzy also looks increasingly developed. Enzy, who from a young age, looks so close to her parents, is getting closer and dear to her family, especially with her younger sister, Casey Paquita. Enzy looks so dear to her 18-year-old sister. Enzy is seen often sharing moments of togetherness with her sister on Instagram.

7. Pleasant Person

Since 2018, Enzy Storia began to be better known as a presenter. His appearance with Vincent Rompies, Desta, and Hesti Purwadinata when hosting a program at a television station was always eagerly awaited. Enzy who is fun is considered to be its own color in the talk show wrapped in comedy. In fact, many say that the typical Enzy laughing sound is so easily transmitted to the audience.

8. Have your own charm

The beautiful face and the enchanting appearance of Enzy Storia are already beyond doubt. In addition, Enzy’s fun and humorous personality is also a charm, which other female celebrities may not necessarily have. Coming to the age of 28 years this year, Enzy increasingly looks mature, beautiful and charming.

Those are some portraits of Enzy Storia’s transformation from childhood to adulthood. Enzy who is cheerful and loving family, is very exemplary KLovers.

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