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Films, series and documentaries have already told stories or presented experiences about the universe hacker. See below, 8 movies and series about hackers to watch us streamings. There are many titles besides the most famous last one Mr.Robot gives Amazon Prime Video. In a world so dependent on technology, these characters are no longer something folkloric.

8 movies and series about hackers to watch on streaming (Image: Setyaki Irham/Unsplash)

8. Hacker (Netflix – 2015)

We started off well, a classic plot of hackers, the film of the same name tells the story of a former cybercriminal who is currently serving time in prison. And what’s interesting about that? In exchange for their freedom, American and Chinese experts offer a veritable hunt for another virtual terrorist.

  • Directed by: Michael Mann
  • Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Wang Leehom, Viola Davis
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Duration: 133 minutes
  • Rating: 14 years old
  • Link on Netflix

7. Control Z (Netflix – 2021)

The Control Z series involves research and thematic hacker. His inspiration came through several cases of exposition of the intimacies and secrets of young students’ lives. The setting is in a school where a hacker mysterious begins to divulge student material. The quietest and most observant student at school, Sofia, goes in search of identifying the aggressor.

  • Creation: Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi, Miguel García Moreno
  • Cast: Michael Ronda, Fiona Palomo, Ana Valeria Becerril
  • Country of origin: Mexico
  • Duration: 16 episodes of 38 minutes
  • Rating: 18 years old
  • Link on Netflix

6. Friendship Broken 2: Dark Web (Netflix – 2018)

It’s not specifically about hacker, but the place where cybercriminals act freely. In Broken Friendship 2, the plot revolves around the Dark Web, notorious crime-free marketing place, services hacker, and everything that needs to be kept hidden from the web indexable. In the plot, a group of young people ends up accessing a stolen laptop and finds themselves participating in a deadly game inside the Dark Web.

  • Directed by: Stephen Susco
  • Cast: Colin Woodell, Stephanie Nogueras, Betty Gabriel
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Duration: 92 minutes
  • Rating: 16 years old
  • Link on Netflix

5. Privacy Hacked (Netflix – 2019)

The documentary talks about the performance of hacking and data analysis to gain access to behavioral information on social media users, as well as Social Engineering techniques to manipulate target groups to determine election results.

the scandal of Cambridge Analytics and his dismal performance behind the 2016 US presidential elections.

  • Directed by: Karim Amer, Jehane Noujaim
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Duration: 114 minutes
  • Rating: 14 years old
  • Link on Netflix

4. Hacker: Every crime has a beginning (Amazon Prime – 2016)

Young Alex Danyliuk discovers in cybercrime a way to try to solve his family’s financial problems. He meets Sye, a criminal with experience in the activities via web. With Sye’s help, Alex discovers the world of the black market through the internet and starts stealing identities and committing small embezzlements of money.

  • Direction: Akan Satayev
  • Cast: Callan McAuliffe, Lorraine Nicholson, Daniel Eric Gold
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Duration: 95 minutes
  • Rating: 16 years old
  • Link on Amazon Prime Video

3. Hackers (Amazon Prime – 2016)

The series aims to reveal everything that revolves around the word hacker. Not simply understanding the ways to act, but the concept behind this activity that had its “boom” in the digital age. You can discover that technology fanatics are not always the great villains.

  • Directed by: Carla Albuquerque, Beto Ribeiro
  • Country of origin: Brazil
  • Duration: 20 episodes of 25 minutes
  • Rating: 14 years old
  • Link on Amazon Prime Video

2. Invaders – No system is safe (Amazon – 2014)

The story revolves around Benjamin, a brilliant young man when we talk about computers. Due to his talents, he is invited to join a group hacker that has been shaking Europe. You cyber subversives practice acts of great prominence and risk, seeking worldwide attention.

  • Directed by: Baran bo Odar
  • Cast: Tom Schilling, Elyas M’Barek, Wotan Wilke Mohring
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Duration: 106 minutes
  • Rating: 16 years old
  • Link on Amazon Prime Video

1. Mr.Robot (Amazon Prime Video – 2015)

The most acclaimed series about hackers and that revealed Rami Malek’s talent to the world. The story follows the life of Elliot, a young programmer who works in cybersecurity during office hours and turns into a hacker vigilante at night. Elliot has psychological problems, which often border on schizophrenia, confusing his reality. How far can the mind of an idealistic genius take you?

  • Direction: Sam Email
  • Cast: Martin Wallstrom, Rami Malek, Christian Slater
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Duration: 45 episodes of 45 minutes
  • Rating: 16 years old
  • Link on Amazon Prime Video

So, you liked the list with the theme hacker? If you know other interesting titles to watch on streaming, leave in the comments.

Catalog consulted on 08/13/2021

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