8 Legendary BIGBANG Songs, Make Nostalgia and Really Miss!

As the top KPop group, the name BIGBANG is indeed legendary. The group fronted by GDragon has fans spread all over the world. Last April, BIGBANG made their first comeback after their military service ended at the Coachella event, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show had to be postponed for the safety of all parties.

It seems that BIGBANG fans should be able to be patient again, even though you really miss your cool action on stage. It’s okay, to treat your longing, let’s listen to some of these legendary BIGBANG songs. Guaranteed to miss you more!

1. Bang Bang Bang


Taken from the album MADE, song BANG BANG BANG is one of the best. The tempo of the music is fast and the dancenya is cool that reflects the characteristics of BIGBANG with its SWAG and eccentric style. Even more amazing, MV BANG BANG BANG has been watched more than five hundred million times on YouTube, you know. Great!

2. Fantastic Baby


Don’t confess to a VIP if you don’t know this song. Yes Fantastic Baby once shook Korean music through his song which exploded all over the world. Plus hairstyle and BIGBANG super super member costumes. Moreover, the lyrics of the song are really iconic, that is “Shakalaka Boom” and “Wow, Fantastic Baby”, which surely ring in your ears.

3. Loser


BIGBANG is indeed the best at making Hip Hop and RnB songs, one of them Loser. Again, it’s not BIGBANG’s name if it doesn’t display a music video with a neat concept. You can see BIGBANG members’ acting that is so deep. Gosh, I really miss GD Cs more.

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4. Let’s Not Fall in Love


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Eits, who said BIGBANG is only thick with the nuances of hip hop, they can also make sweet songs like Let’s Not Fall in Love. You can see the romantic side of BIGBANG members in this MV. Already so, the concept is very aesthetic and pampering eyes. About the song? Guaranteed to make eargasm!

5. Flower Road


It’s not fair if I don’t enter it Flower Road as a memorable BIGBANG song. Flower Road is a BIGBANG offering to fans before they started conscription a few years ago. The lyrics are very sweet which advised the fans to wait for BIGBANG’s return. Huhu, VIP is definitely waiting for you!

6. Blue


From the moment I was struck by Hip Hop music, let’s listen to the song BIGBANG which is a bit confused, that is Blue. Song Blue released in 2012 ago. Even though it’s been a while but it’s really mandatory to enter your playlist. Agree right?

6. We Like 2 Party


If you are having a bad day or a bad mood, listen to the song We Like 2 Party. Not only the song is fun, but the MV too, you know. You can see the ridiculous behavior of BIGBANG members who are not used to it and surely make themselves laugh. It is really suitable to become a longing drug that misses BIGBANG.

8. Haru Haru


Back in 2008, there was a song Haru Haru which has the Pop genre. Even though it’s old, Haru Haru must be one of your favorites because BIGBANG members are still young and very cute. Make you both exasperated and nostalgic. Oia, the MV is pretty sad, so don’t be bored.

Well, here are some BIGBANG songs that can treat your longing. Hopefully BIGBANG will make a quick comeback with his outstanding works.

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