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We arrived at the Christmas period, that festive season when everything receives a different decorative touch. In the world of games, there are many games that have Christmas elements, especially in these times of constant updates. Although our Christmas is different from the one with snow and pine trees seen in most games, it is worth checking this list with 8 games that take place at Christmas or something close to that.

Frank West in Dead Rising 4 (Image: Playback / Capcom)

8 games where Christmas and video games meet

Important: The focus here is on full games that take place at Christmas or additional content that adds something substantial to the game. I will not consider content like Christmas skins.

Not all games that made the list are good, some are here for the sake of curiosity. Past explanations, let’s start.

1. Dead Rising 4

8 games that pass at Christmas or almost

Dead Rising 4 (Image: Playback / Capcom)

Zombies and Christmas, is this a combination that works? Well, that’s what can be seen in Dead Rising 4. The game puts journalist Frank West back in the city of Willamette to live another zombie apocalypse.

The game takes place at Christmas, there are gangs of enemies dressed as Santa Claus and you can use very peculiar weapons like: a Christmas sledgehammer that causes explosions with each blow, electrified garlands and launchers of Christmas ornaments that work like grenades.

The Dead Rising series features improvised weapons. The fact that the plot is set at Christmas only created more possibilities for crazy things.

Dead Rising 4 is a bit repetitive, but if you want a mess with humor without too much commitment, it can be fun. The game is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and can also be played via backwards compatibility on Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5.

2. Batman: Arkham Origins

8 games that pass at Christmas or almost

Batman: Arkham Origins (Image: Playback / Warner Bros Games)

Batman Arkham Origins is the first Dark Knight game on the list. In this game, the villain Black Mask puts a group of assassins on the glue of the Bat.

The game takes place on Christmas Eve and tells a story that takes place before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, when Batman was a more inexperienced watchman.

Although the game is not produced by Rocksteady, the studio responsible for the other titles in the series, Batman: Arkham Origins is a good game.

The game is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC and PS3.

3. Clayfighter 63 ⅓

8 games that pass at Christmas or almost

Clayfighter 63 ⅓ (Image: Playback / Interplay Entertainment)

Clayfighter was a series created by Interplay Entertainment and had its first game released for Super Nintendo in 1993. However Clayfighter 63 ⅓ was released for Nintendo 64 only in 1997.

The game parodies fighting games and uses characters made of clay, animated in stop motion, something very common in the 1990s.

Although Clayfighter 63 ⅓ is not a competitive fighting game like Street Fighter, we agree that it is not every day that we can see a moody snowman coming out on his arm with an evil version of Santa Claus who practices Sumo. Therefore, I could not be left out of that list.

4. Parasite Eve

Aya Brea in Parasite Eve (Image: Playback / Square Enix)

In this game set in New York, we control police officer Aya Brea, while planning to have a quiet date on Christmas Eve.

As life is not easy, during the performance of an opera, many people start to spontaneously combust during the performance of Eve, the main singer of the show. Now it’s up to Aya to solve this mystery.

The game is an RPG that mixes elements of police investigation and science fiction. Parasite Eve was a game of great prominence in the first PlayStation.

5. Saints Row IV – How The Saints Save the Christmas

8 games that pass at Christmas or almost

Saints Row IV (Image: Playback / Deep Silver)

Saints Row is one of those series that embarked on the sandbox model created by GTA, but after the third game, the franchise found its own identity by focusing its content on clumsy and clueless humor. In this case, this is far from being a negative point.

In this extra content from Saints Row IV, the Saints, prepare to face an evil Santa Claus who considers that all people are on the list of bad guys and therefore must punish everyone. Interestingly, this plot also recalls some Christmas episodes of Futurama.

6. Hitman – Holiday Hoarders

8 games that pass at Christmas or almost

Hitman (Image: Playback / IO Interactive)

Hitman 2016 received extra content that takes place in a Christmas Paris and Agent 47 must detain two thieves who intend to steal Christmas gifts.

A curiosity: the thieves are called Harry and Marv. If you lived in the 90s you may remember those names. Anyway, this brings us to the next title on the list.

7. Home Alone

Home Alone of Super Nintendo (Image: Playback / THQ)

Home Alone is the original title of “Forgot Me”, the series of films that was successful in the 1990s, catapulted Macaulay Culkin to stardom and became a symbol of Christmas in countless TV reruns.

To take advantage of the film franchise’s popularity, many games were produced. Almost all bad, after all nothing is perfect.

Among the most well-known titles is Home Alone 2, the game is based on the second film in the franchise, in which Kevin is forgotten in New York.

In this Christmas game, most of the challenges are related to saving Kevin from what appears to be the most violent hotel in the world. Since he is a boy he is attacked by employees, old women with parasols, bags, mops, vacuum cleaners, among other unusual enemies.

Home Alone 2 and its scary Christmas tree (Image: Reproduction / THQ)

Later the game had a version for Super Nintendo with better graphics, but maintaining the gameplay with unresponsive and unreliable controls.

If you are looking on the internet, I recommend Home Alone from Mega-Drive, which is visually “average” for its time and gameplay involves creating traps to hit the bandit duo as in the movie.

8. Batman Returns

Batman Returns (Image: Playback / Konami)

Another game based on films, but different from “Forgot Me” here the scenario is a little different, the game is based on the second film of the hero, played by Michael Keaton in 1992.

The versions developed for Sega consoles (Mega-Drive, Sega CD, Master System and Game Gear) are games more focused on platform gameplay.

However, for those who were curious to play, I recommend the version of Super Nintendo, produced by Konami. This game has very good visuals and follows more the beat’em up style, the one of “walking and hitting” like Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

That way, I close this list of Christmas games. Did I leave any important game off the list? Feel free to comment and add other games.

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