8 Benefits of Kissing for Health

What scenes do you think should be in every film genre? romance? One answer must be when the two main characters fall in love and finally kiss.

A kiss is one of the physical contacts used to channel feelings of love, especially for a partner.

Reporting from Health Line, couples who do it often will feel closer to each other. In addition, kissing has also been shown to increase happiness for people who do it.

Not quite up there, physical contact was also good for your health. This applies to all kinds of kisses, including those usually done with family and friends.

The following IDN Times summarizes some of the benefits or benefits of kissing for your health, not just as a sign of channeling affection.

1. A kiss can strengthen the body’s immune system


Some people don’t like kissing because they find it disgusting and can transmit disease from one person to another.

But in reality, studies from journals Medical Hypotheses states that kissing can strengthen the body’s immune system especially in women.

They will be protected from Cytomegalovirus, a virus that causes blindness and birth defects in the baby it contains.

2. Can exchange good bacteria in the mouth

8 Benefits of Kissing for Health, Not a Sign of Just Love!allwomenstalk.com

Reporting from Biomed Central when a couple kisses for ten seconds, there are about 80 million bacteria that are transferred to each other. Indeed this is an effective way to transmit disease.

However, many of these bacteria are good bacteria that will increase immunity.

“A variety of microbiomas can help regulate the immune system and protect the body from bad bacteria,” the word Dr. Ravella, a professor from Columbia Medical Center Glamorous.

3. Kissing is one way to burn calories

8 Benefits of Kissing for Health, Not a Sign of Just Love!bonobology.com

When kissing, all the muscles on the face and tongue will move. That’s why kisses can help you burn calories.

Certainly not as effective as exercising. Based on the latest research, every minute a kiss there are about 8 to 16 calories burned depending on how passionate.

If done for one hour, you can burn calories equivalent to a handful of chocolate candy.

4. Good for oral and dental health

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8 Benefits of Kissing for Health, Not a Sign of Just Love!mirror.co.uk

When you kiss, your mouth will produce more saliva. Mouth liquid can help clean plaque that causes cavities. Good bacteria from your partner can also improve oral health.

Especially if your partner has a healthy mouth. Even so you still have to check your oral health before kissing.

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5. Kisses can relieve allergic reactions

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A kiss can actually help relieve the itching symptoms felt when allergic. In 2006 Hajime Kimata, a doctor tried to study 24 patients who had atopic eczema and rhinitis (allergic to the nose).

Patients are asked to kiss with their partner for 30 minutes while listening to music.

Kimata found that the antibodies of patients who reacted to allergies were reduced, as did their allergic reactions.

6. Preventing wrinkles on the face

8 Benefits of Kissing for Health, Not a Sign of Just Love!rd.com

During kissing, 43 muscles in the face keep moving so they will be firmer than before.

Although it does not have the same effect as faceliftkissing can still help you to keep your face from wrinkling. These effects will be more felt if you are more than 35 years old.

7. A kiss can reduce blood pressure

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You might feel that a kiss can make your heart flutter. That is a good thing. Increased heart rate will make blood vessels dilate and drain healthy blood to the organs of the body smoothly.

That way, your blood pressure will decrease. Plus when kissing, the brain will reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol which can trigger high blood pressure.

8. Kisses relieve headaches and other illnesses

8 Benefits of Kissing for Health, Not a Sign of Just Love!bostonmagazine.com

The effect of dilated blood vessels when kissing can not only reduce blood pressure. It also can relieve the pain you are feeling, especially headaches and stomach cramps during menstruation. Sounds like a suggestion indeed, but try to feel it yourself.

Not only is it useful to channel feelings to others, kisses also bring many health benefits. So don’t hesitate to practice it with your partner!

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