8 amazing horror cartoons to watch

The animation world is full of creativity. Beloved characters introduced to the public during childhood are seen in various adventures, which can be filled with comic moments, but also with certain hints of horror. With that in mind, we created a list with horror cartoons for all fans of the genre who love animations.

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8. Batman: The Animated Series

(Fox/Playback)Source:  Fox

The classic Batman animation, released in the 1990s, is quite dark, featuring really dangerous villains who devise Machiavellian plans in various circumstances.

Although the target audience is concentrated on children and adolescents, Batman: The Animated Series it can really be frightening, scaring all those who venture to learn more about the dark knight in an overwhelming aesthetic.

7. the gargoyles

(ABC/Reproduction)(ABC/Reproduction)Source:  ABC

Disney has produced many controversial works in its animated trajectory. Although he is always dedicating his time to reaching the whole family, there are designs created by the company that have managed to go beyond traditional conventions. the gargoyles, shown on ABC’s Saturday morning schedule, is one of them.

Delving into a world full of superstitions, fears and anxieties, the series bets on these mythological creatures to develop a narrative full of tensions and chilling adventures. In all, three seasons were produced.

6. Flapjack’s Antics

(Cartoon Network/Playback)(Cartoon Network/Playback)Source:  Cartoon Network

Pirates have been exploited in several pop culture movies and series, ensuring good entertainment for viewers. In this way, the animation Flapjack’s Antics, from Cartoon Network, was launched thinking of infiltrating the world of navigation and sailors.

In the plot, Flapjack is an upbeat boy who lives with a talking whale named Bubby and an eccentric mentor known as Captain K’nuckles. During the episodes, the trio embark on several truly terrifying adventures, facing increasingly bizarre challenges.

5. Zim invader

(Nickelodeon/Reproduction)(Nickelodeon/Reproduction)Source:  Nickelodeon

Created by Jhonen Vasquez directly for Nickelodeon, this animated series has many humorous sequences, but in its essence the dynamism of horror is very present in the two seasons released by the network. The story deals with the alien conqueror Zim and his robot GIR, as he needs to disguise himself among the earthlings.

The idea is to take over planet Earth, but when he meets Dib, a kid from the school he’s attending, things can be threatened, given that the boy wants to reveal all of Zim’s plans.

4. The Secret Beyond the Garden

(Cartoon Network/Playback)(Cartoon Network/Playback)Source:  Cartoon Network

Produced by Cartoon Network, this animated miniseries won over the channel’s audience with its potent nuances linked to the fantastic, the absurd and the terrifying. The narrative features Wirt and Greg, two brothers with very different characteristics, who must find their own way through a road fraught with danger that is “out of time”.

As they progress beyond the garden, they meet mysterious creatures that lead them to face the Unknown. The voiceover cast features the voices of Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, John Cleese and Tim Curry.

3. Gravity Falls: A Summer of Mysteries

(Disney Channel/Playback)(Disney Channel/Playback)Source:  Disney Channel

Known for its eccentricity, this highly inventive cartoon follows twins Dipper and Mabel Pines as they go on summer vacation with their great-uncle in Gravity Falls. In the city, they gain allies to solve some mysteries related to ghosts and other supernatural creatures, which even involve their own familiar.

With clear references to Twin Peaks, creation came from Alex Hirsch, who also lent his voice to several characters on the Disney Channel show. In all, two seasons were produced and the episodes are available on Disney+.

two. Scooby Doo!

(Cartoon Network/Playback)(Cartoon Network/Playback)Source:  Cartoon Network

Who has never had fun with the enigmas unveiled by the members of Mistério S/A? Over several seasons and many different phases, Scooby Doo! it provided good times for the audience, who also ventured to find out who was behind all the gruesome crimes featured in the episodes. Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby made history with their fearless and hilarious spirit.

1. Courage the Cowardly Dog

(Cartoon Network/Playback)(Cartoon Network/Playback)Source:  Cartoon Network

Closing the list, one of the most amazing horror cartoons ever released. Most seasons of Courage the Cowardly Dog, they can even be watched currently on HBO Max, as Cartoon Network belongs to WarnerMedia. The episodes of this production showed how many chilling issues could be present in anyone’s daily life.

Thus, the little dog Courage needed to face its fears so that its owners, Muriel and Eustáquio, would not suffer serious consequences.

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