7 Treatment That Can Intentionally Intentify Intentions

There are many types of human personalities on this earth, in theory Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav dividing it into three personality groups based on their natural attitude, namely introvert, extrovert and ambiver. Introverted personality is the personality of someone who tends to be closed and a little nervous when in front of the general public.

An introvert tries as much as possible to be able to socialize with each other, so if anyone considers them aloof and anti-social, they will really feel unappreciated, even though they always respect and admire extroverted and ambiver personalities.

Here are 6 things that can offend an introvert, just those who know and need not be questioned, they are able to overcome their personality problems well and always have a reason behind what they do.

1. Question why they like to be ‘alone’

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One of the habits that is often encountered by an introvert is his desire to be alone after a long time outdoors. They need calm. For an introvert, Me-time activities are really needed to refresh the energy wasted when doing activities with many people. Therefore, when many people ask him why he always stays at home and is considered lonely, they will tend to be lazy to respond to these people, there is even a small introvert who feels offended.

2. Consider it anti-social and too quiet

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Human activities both in society, relatives, schools and the campus environment require humans to be good at socializing. Generally, introverts are seen to be quiet when in the community, but not a few also assume they do not like to socialize. One thing that is emphasized is that introverts have the ability to analyze deeply when they look at their surroundings, so an introvert tends to be more silent than unnecessary talking which indicates that it does not mean he is anti-social and uncaring.

3. Tell them to do something self-taught

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The reason introverts make careful planning and is often considered to be ‘old-fashioned’ is one of the advantages as well as the needs of the introvert’s personality itself. So if someone tells them to act quickly and without planning, they will be slightly offended and very upset.

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4. Hating perfectionism by introverts

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Showing annoyance in front of them when deemed to accomplish something in great detail and too much, will make them feel offended and unappreciated. How come? People who say they don’t need to be perfectionists tend to be seen as not appreciating the efforts of an introvert. An introvert who tends to be slow thinking because they have to analyze deeply. Therefore, they will feel disturbed if the solution is not in accordance with their principles.

5. Comment on the nature that tends to be stiff

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Introverts are thinkers who, in every opportunity to meet with many people, put their feelings first and listen more. Rarely of those who have a sociable nature, impressed tend not to express (flat expression) and tend to be slow response or slow because they think deeply.

6. Considering strange attitude that is often anxious when talking in front of people

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When assigned to the presentation team, they tend to be underestimated and not selected in the group, because they are always nervous when dealing with people. But people don’t know and don’t take advantage of other advantages of introverts who are good at analyzing problems and can be good advisers among members. People think these introverts are not cool to hang out with and tend not to be santuy when in fact it is not. People just don’t know more deeply.

7. Shame her publicly

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Embarrassing them can be done in various ways one of them if accidentally someone forced him to do drama without preparation and in front of many people. There is also a forced speech in public, it really disturbs the peace of mind of an introvert. Although basically it’s also good for exploring other abilities.

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