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Getting a cheaper Uber ride is not an impossible task. Transport app users can follow some tips to get discounts on travel – whether shared or not – without having to resort to questionable procedures. Here’s how to make your run really cheaper.

1. Promotional codes can make your Uber ride cheaper

Until June 2020, Uber offered discounts of 5% on the first race of new members who used the promotional code of another user of the app – the promotion was valid both for those who would run the race and for the owner of the promotional code. However, this mode is no longer available.

Promotional codes are now restricted to the company’s internal calendar, which generally offers discounts on special occasions and events. Therefore, it is always worth keeping an eye on the app notifications and your email – you may receive coupons there.

See our tutorial on how to use promotional codes on Uber.

2. Split the price of the ride on Uber

If you are going to the same destination as a friend or family member, the tip is to share the price of the ride. Thus, the final value is not weighed on anyone’s budget. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Ask Uber as usual for one of the passengers’ apps, selecting an electronic payment method.
  2. After confirming the race, slide your finger from bottom to top in the app to access the trip menu.
  3. Tap on “Split amount” and select a friend from your contact list (it must be registered in your smartphone’s calendar).
    Tip for cheaper Uber
  4. Ready. Now, it is enough that the other passenger accepts the request through the application.

To split the price of a ride, Uber charges a fee of 60 cents per person. The feature is not available in Uber Juntos races. It is also not possible to divide the amount after the end of the race, so stay tuned to the procedure while you are still in the car.

3. Share trips with Uber Juntos (formerly Uber Pool)

If you are willing to walk a bit to get a cheaper Uber route, a good option is Uber Juntos, which promises trips up to 30% cheaper. With this modality, which replaces the Uber Pool, passengers can share races with other users of the app who are going in the same direction.

Unlike UberX, Uber Juntos will not always pick you up exactly where you came from – but rather in an approximate location that avoids deviating from the route. The scheme is similar to that of bus travel, where you need to go to the point to wait for driving, with the advantage of sharing the space with far fewer people.

Find out more about Uber Together in our article dedicated to the category.

uber together

4. Plan the starting point

When using UberX or UberComfort, many times, the driver ends up taking a big turn to pick up the passenger on a dead-end street (or even if it is contrary to following the desired destination). To avoid unnecessary expenses with long laps and traffic, you can select the starting point at a point that does not require so many detours or returns, so you get cheaper Uber routes.

  1. Enter your destination in the Uber app and check the path suggested by the app.
  2. If necessary, tap on your starting location and then go to “Set location on the map”.
  3. Drag the pin to reset the starting point.
    set the starting point to get cheaper Uber

5. Keep an eye on the dynamic price

Understanding how dynamic pricing works also helps you avoid expensive travel. In general, it exists to ensure that there are always drivers available at times of high demand – such as during a rain or when leaving events. In short: the greater the demand and the smaller the number of available drivers, the higher the price of the race tends to be.

Currently, the passenger is no longer informed about the price increase index – that is, there is no way to know how much more expensive a trip is due to the resource. Uber only displays the warning: “Prices a little higher than normal”.

Uber dynamic pricing

To escape the dynamic price, you can expect to pass the peak hours or try to change the starting point, distancing yourself from the exit of shows or shopping malls, for example.

6. Check your credit card benefits

Some cards and banks have benefits that guarantee discounts or a reward program that can be used to discount the value of Uber travel. Learn more about the Nubank, Banco Next and Credicard Zero programs.

7. Sign up for Uber Pass to get cheaper travel

Finally, a tip for those who often make Uber trips a week is to sign up for the Uber Pass. The service arrived in Brazil in August 2020 and has a monthly fee of R $ 24.99, but is offering a free month for testing at the beginning.

By choosing to be a member of the program, the passenger gets 10% discount on all UberX trips made in Brazilian territory. Discover the other advantages of the Uber Pass, which include delivery from restaurants and supermarket.

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