7 tips to make your cell phone battery last longer

The duration of the cell phone battery it’s been a problem since the devices started to be part of our daily lives. Today, especially for those who work with a smartphone, it is vital that the energy lasts long enough not to let it down when you need it most.

To avoid going through this trouble, TecMundo listed seven tips to save the device’s energy throughout the day. Check out:

1. Avoid unnecessary recharges

Since cell phones came into our lives, many have developed the habit of putting the device to charge as soon as they get into the car, arrive at home or leave all night long plugged into the socket at bedtime. The problem is that often the battery is not even at half full capacity, which makes recharging unnecessary.

Avoid leaving the device charging at all timesAvoid leaving the device charging at all times.Fonte:  Shutterstock

To top it off, this compromises battery life, making it “addictive” and need to be recharged more and more often. So, from the moment the cell phone comes out of the box, remember to only recharge when the energy is between 5% and 10%, which is the number recommended by the manufacturers.

2. Be aware of background activities

With the evolution of mobile apps, many have ended up accumulating a series of functions, which creates activities in the background. For example, there are many software that use the location all the time or perform updates as soon as an update is available.

Also remove background updates for installed appsRemove background updates from apps.
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This obviously consumes extra and unnecessary load, after all, not all apps need real-time location or an immediate update. Therefore, it is recommended that you pay attention to authorized background activities on your system, disabling all those that are not necessary.

3. Use and abuse the dark mode

Dark mode is an alternative developed for several software that aims to reduce the screen brightness of both PC and smartphone. Applying a black background, it softens the generated light intensity, which helps in continuous use, less harming your eyesight and saving battery life.

Dark Mode also helps to save smartphone powerDark mode helps to save smartphone power.Fonte:  Shutterstock

Virtually all major apps have a night or dark mode in their settings. As well as the systems themselves, such as iOS, which automatically apply the option to all software if it is activated in the iPhone configuration.

4. See if all apps are really needed

Having a smartphone with a good amount of storage is synonymous with having a good amount of apps installed in the internal memory. But the question remains: do you use them all?

Always review the apps installed on your deviceAlways review the apps installed on the device.Fonte:  Shutterstock

In addition to occupying unnecessary space, even if the capacity is enormous, the application can have background functions, mentioned above, which end up wasting the cell’s energy without the slightest need. Therefore, try to review all installed apps and delete those that are not needed on a daily basis.

5. Control screen brightness

One of the main reasons for high battery consumption is the brightness of the cell phone screen. The worst thing is that most of the time we use a higher intensity than necessary, such as in dark or low light environments.

Control the brightness of your cell phone screen so you don't waste energy for nothingControl the brightness of your cell phone screen so you don’t waste energy for nothing.Fonte:  Shutterstock

So, try to keep the screen brightness as low as possible, so that everything is visible, but not too much light draining the smartphone’s power.

6. Reduce notifications and vibrations

Notifications are also largely responsible for draining much of the battery throughout the day. Starting with the excess of notices, such as messages received on WhatsApp, likes in a photo on Instagram, a new email received, a promotion on iFood and so on. Ideally, only leave alerts for activities that are really important, such as emails from customers, scheduled alarm clocks or reminders registered on the device.

Review what will be alerted on your cell phone to save loadReview what will be alerted on the mobile, to save load.Fonte:  Shutterstock

When the device is in silent mode, these notifications generate vibrations that, although small, when in large quantities drain a good portion of the battery. So, in addition to filtering what will be alerted, try to remove the vibrations when these warnings arrive.

7. Use power saving mode

The last tip is to resort to the famous energy saving mode. With it, the system performs a series of functions to save the device’s battery, such as turning off the screen after a short time without activities and reducing brightness.

Turn on Power Save Mode as a last resort to save device powerTurn on power saving mode as a last resort to save your phone’s battery.Fonte:  Shutterstock

On some devices, the moment this function is activated, some background activities are suspended. However, they vary from system to system.

If even after applying our tips your cell phone battery lasts much less than it should, we recommend that you look for an authorized store to carry out the exchange. But without forgetting to take care of the new one with everything we teach.

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