7 things for you to do on WhatsApp during the year-end recess | Applications and Software

Do you have any time left in the year-end recess? So take the opportunity to clean up WhatsApp, customize chat screens, manage or leave groups or even try WhatsApp Business, if you have a small business and want to start 2021 in a more organized way. I list some tips to make the app better.

The tips are below, accompanied by tutorials with step by step if necessary. By taking a few minutes you can make the messenger easier to use.

WhatsApp (Image: Oleg Magni / Pexels)

1. Cleaning on WhatsApp 🧹

WhatsApp has made some updates and, currently, users have more control over files they want to delete, such as photos, videos and GIFs sent and received that end up taking up a lot of space. You can use what the messenger calls a “storage management tool” that offers cleaning suggestions by grouping large files and / or routing them very often for you.

2. Customize chat screens 🤳

No more confusing people and groups on WhatsApp! You can set different wallpapers for each conversation – which helps you quickly understand “where you are”.

To change the wallpaper, you need to be in the conversation and tap on more options (…) and wallpaper. You can choose between your photos stored on your phone or between the wallpapers of the application itself. When choosing one, you can define whether it will be used in all conversations or just with a contact or a group.

3. Silence notifications 🔇

If you want to placate anxiety in 2021, one way out may be to silence notifications from your WhatsApp conversations. This can be done with group notifications and also with individual conversations for certain periods of time: eight hours, a week or forever. When you mute a chat, you will continue to receive messages, but your phone will stop vibrating or making sounds interrupting your routine.

4. WhatsApp Business 🛒

If you have a small business and have not yet settled with WhatsApp, creating a WhatsApp Business account can be a game changer. The WhatsApp business app was designed especially for small and medium businesses and is free.

But, why use it?

Company profiles help the small trader with special organization tools and quick, automatic answers to frequently asked questions, facilitating sales. The Business version offers a catalog with available products (for stores or restaurants) with description, image, price and stock. With the shopping cart, customers can select multiple products at once and place an order.

5. Security and Privacy 🔐

Take a few minutes to make security and privacy adjustments. In order not to become the next victim of social engineering scams, always be wary of contacts who for whatever reason ask for the confirmation code sent to your phone by SMS.

This code is used to authenticate your WhatsApp account on another device, stealing your account to apply scams like the fake hijacking of your friends.

Never share this information. A good tip is to add an extra layer of security to your account by enabling 2-step verification, which will ask for a six-digit code if there is any attempt to use your WhatsApp number.

6. Formatted messages 📝

It is also possible to highlight words in messages by adding very simple commands on WhatsApp. To bold words, include asterisks (*) before and after them. To use italics, add a underscore (_), also before and after. To include that risk in the middle of the words (strikethrough), use the tilde (~) in the same way.

7. Video calls 🎥

The pandemic imposed social distance, prevented travel, but that is no excuse for not being present, even if virtually. In April 2020, WhatsApp doubled the capacity of participants from four to eight people at once.

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