7 Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Symptoms

Hearing the name of venereal disease is actually quite disturbing to the ears and mind, because there is a disgusting picture related to the disease. Indeed it is frightening, but even more frightening the effects and transmission.

It is clear that sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted through intercourse, but some others can also be transmitted because of direct contact with something that is not hygienic, such as underwear.

Actually sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be reduced by using safeguards such as condoms. which also can reduce the risk of pregnancy for the woman.

But some people think the “savior” item reduces enjoyment in intercourse, so they prefer to take the risk of not using safety. The following are some sexually transmitted diseases that risk attacking perpetrators of unprotected sex.

1. Chlamydia


Chlamydia is caused by a bacterium named Chlamydia Trachomatis and is considered to be the most common venereal disease in the community. Symptoms felt by people with chlamydia include pain when urinating, during sex and the presence of abnormal fluid in the vagina or penis.

In addition there is also pain in the testes or bleeding in the vagina and pain in the lower abdomen. Unfortunately, the disease is difficult to recognize when the symptoms come out when it is in severe condition.

2. Gonorrhea

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This sexually transmitted disease can not only infect the genitals, but also the mouth, eyes, throat, eyes and anus. Spread through sexual contact and body contact.

It is not impossible that a newborn baby can also be affected by this disease if the mother suffers from the disease. Symptoms include the presence of thick fluid to bleed in the genitals, pain and swelling in the testicles, itching and pain in the anus when defecating and burning sensation.

3. Trichomoniasis

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For this one disease, the cause is parasites Trichomonas vaginalis. According to the name of the disease, this disease is more often suffered by women, but it is not impossible also affected men.

If you get this disease, the sufferer will feel itching on the genitals as well as a discharge that is followed by an unpleasant odor. Not to mention the pain when urinating and having sex.

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4. Herpes

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There are rarely people who realize they have herpes because there are not many signs that are shown at the beginning of transmission.

But if you see a small red bump followed by blisters and genital sores and pain, you can indicate if you have the disease. Herpes appears due to the herpes simplex virus that enters through small wounds on the skin or mucous membranes.

5. Hepatitis

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Often called jaundice. The yellow color of the skin is caused by an infection of this disease which is targeting the liver.

In addition, sufferers will also feel weak, nausea, fever, itching, pain in the joints and muscles to lose appetite. Hepatitis A, B or C can be transmitted through bodily fluids during sex.

6. HIV

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The disease is still sought by an antidote. By attacking the immunity of the sufferer, various diseases will be more easily attacked to make HIV develop into AIDS.

HIV symptoms can come out after years after languishing in the body, so there is no definite time when you suffer from it. However, it is estimated that early symptoms such as a limp body appear two to six weeks after infection. After that you will feel extraordinary fatigue and attacked by various diseases.

7. Human papillomavirus (HPV)

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This disease is said to be a common sexual disease and not too dangerous. HPV can disappear by itself, but for certain types, HPV can cause cancer or other venereal diseases.

Symptoms include small red or gray flesh growing in the genital area, itching and discomfort, to bleeding.

Avoid as much as possible to have casual sex, especially without using safety. You will not want to get sexually transmitted diseases on this list that will make you miserable and at the same time make you save shame.

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