7 series to marathon at the end of the week

Weekends are great for a good rest and leisure with friends or family, right? And nothing better for these moments than good series to marathon over the days.

So if you are a good lover series that will keep you on the living room sofa at the weekend, this list is perfect for you!

Check out 7 great options below. series to marathon in these moments!

7. Break

(Source: Apple TV/Disclosure)(Source: Apple TV/Disclosure)Fonte:  Apple

This is one of series more famous than Apple TV+ currently and has a truly captivating plot, as it follows employees of a technology company who propose to participate in an experiment.

Thus, they have their memories of work and home separate and are unable to unite the events of these two areas of their lives, making it a great option for those who are looking for series to marathon.

The series has only one season, but it has already been renewed for a new year.

6. Bridgerton

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

Now, if you are one of those who enjoy a good series season, Bridgerton is the sweetheart of the moment Netflixand it’s no wonder, as the story holds any viewer and the visuals are fascinating.

The plot follows the family Bridgerton and all the goings-on involving the older brothers’ relationships: Daphne in the premiere season and Anthony in the show’s recent sequel.

The series has two seasons.

5. Reacher

(Source: Amazon Prime Video/Playback)(Source: Amazon Prime Video/Playback)Cast iron: Amazon

if you are looking series to marathon on the weekend, Reacher is the perfect choice and is available to subscribers of Amazon Prime Videobeing a great choice for those who want a dose of action and adventure.

The story revolves around veteran Jack Reacher, who leaves the US Army and starts his new career as a private investigator, getting involved in bloody events and with great danger.

The series has one season.

4. Peacemaker

(Source: HBO Max/Disclosure)(Source: HBO Max/Disclosure)Fonte:  HBO

For subscribers to HBO Max who enjoy a good superhero story, or, in this case, an antagonist, Pacifier It is the perfect choice for moments of leisure on the weekend with friends or even alone.

This is one of the best options series to marathon on HBO Max and tells the story of an anti-hero from DCpresented in The Suicide Squadwho is called by the government for a covert operation that could put his life at risk.

The series has one season.

3. WandaVision

(Source: Disney+/Disclosure)(Source: Disney+/Disclosure)Source: Disney

with the arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the Scarlet Witch as one of the protagonists, remember the events of WandaVision no Disney+ could be a good option for the weekend.

A series is quite short and can be finished quickly, and tells the events involving the character of the MarvelWanda, after the tragic death of her partner Vision in Avengers: Infinity War.

The series has only 9 episodes.

2. The Dropout

(Source: Star+/Disclosure)(Source: Star+/Disclosure)Source: Star

if you are looking series to marathon on the platform streaming Star+the compelling story of The Dropout It’s a good choice for anyone who likes a good drama for the weekend.

The plot tells the story of Elizabeth Holmes, who lies to attract investors by claiming that she has discovered a revolutionary way of analyzing blood tests, but is actually just creating a huge hoax.

The series has one season.

1. One of Us Is Lying

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Fonte:  Netflix

for the fans of series and Netflix, One of Us Is Lying is the darling of the moment among lovers of suspense and mystery, as the story follows a group of 5 colleagues who go to detention and only 4 get out alive.

Thus, the 4 that remain must, at all costs, prove innocence in the murder of their colleague, which makes this work very engaging and a great option for series to marathon not weekend.

And with all these options listed, just choose the one that best suits your favorite genre to enjoy this moment of leisure!

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