7 series similar to O Gambito da Rainha for those who wanted more

Netflix has already announced that the miniseries The Queen’s Gambit is the most watched of all time on its platform. Who knew that such a simple and dramatic story would attract so much public attention, right?

There are several factors that can contribute and confirm the success of the production. In addition to the protagonism of a young woman in training (brilliantly played by Anya Taylor-Joy) and the period setting, we are introduced to an extremely competitive world of chess games, of intense dramas and full of significant layers.

So a list like this is essential for those who have enjoyed every episode of the miniseries and want to watch something like that. It is worth remembering that none of these productions is entirely identical to the referred work of Netflix, but they have similar elements.

Each of these indications, with their particularities, are similar in some aspects of The Queen’s Gambit.

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1. Endgame

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Showcase

Created by Avrum Jacobson, Endgame has a former chess player as the protagonist. The plot follows the former world chess champion Arkady Balagan (played by Shawn Doyle), who after retiring from the competitive world of chessboards decided to use his most diverse analytical skills to solve crimes.

Composed of just 13 episodes, the Canadian production draws attention to the mysteries involved in each character that is presented. The atmosphere of tension takes on an innovative air when we see that the chessboard is actually more alive than anything else.

two. The White Queen

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Starz

In this British miniseries, viewers are introduced to a conflict that has historically been known as the War of the Roses. Within this context, Isabel Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), Margarida Beaufort (Amanda Hale) and Anne Neville (Faye Marsay) are presented, the women who were involved in different ways around all the political games of this impasse.

In addition to the public being in contact with figures seen on the chessboard, such as kings, queens and princesses, there is a very interesting conflict that requires all possible strategies. Another fact to be highlighted is that there is also the presence of female protagonism – an element of extreme importance for the narrative.

3. Mad Men

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: AMC

Far beyond chess games, in Mad Men we see competitiveness in other social spheres. Here, the business world, and specifically speaking of advertising, has several ups and downs that can leave the nerves of those involved in a frenzy.

In addition, the internal conflicts of the characters also have a lot in common with the Netflix miniseries, precisely because of the way they are approached. And we cannot fail to remember that this is also a period plot.

4. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Amazon Prime Video

Another period plot that bets on female protagonism is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, available in the Amazon Prime Video catalog. In it, we see how a woman managed to achieve her goals in the stand-up world. This is a very relevant proximity when we put the two series side by side.

Certainly, with a more relaxed atmosphere, those who liked The Queen’s Gambit you may be interested in Mrs. Maisel’s episodes.

5. The Alienist

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: TNT / Netflix

Starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning, The Alienist mixes drama with “sweet touches” of suspense to tell a story that takes place in New York in 1890. The plot covers a series of investigations related to brutal murders committed against marginalized children.

The plot still has a very interesting “puzzle” to be “assembled” by the public and captivates, little by little, due to its development.

6. Billions

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: Showtime

A game of chess, as seen in The Queen’s Gambit, needs at least two competitors very interested in winning and articulating, in all their skills to their advantage. Perhaps this is what brings the referred miniseries with the series closer Billions. The extremely political plot bet on the development of the fierce dispute between two men who are on opposite sides of the law.

The clashes, seen throughout the episodes, are worthy of any chess competition.

7. Hostages

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: CBS

Last but not least, a miniseries with a very intricate plot, that can make any spectator “bite all your nails”. In Hostages, the President of the United States’ doctor is kidnapped inside her own home – along with her family – and coerced into killing her most important patient.

However, little by little, we see that she (played by Toni Collette) may be more intelligent than the criminals who invaded her residence. The duels and clashes start and from there we dive into a history full of electrifying conflicts.

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