7 series similar to Ginny and Georgia for those who loved the production

Ginny and Georgia is a comedy written by Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert. The series follows 15-year-old Ginny, an introverted girl who appears to be more mature than her energetic 30-year-old mother, Georgia.

When Ginny’s stepfather dies in an accident, Georgia decides to move to New England in order to start over. So, alongside Ginny and Austin, her other son, she tries to create a new life for her family.

The series is an authentic production with many references of pop culture that stir the narrative.

So, check out 7 series similar to Ginny and Georgia which can be found on the main streaming platforms for you to watch as soon as possible!

7 – Dial Friend to Kill

(Netflix / Playback)(Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Dial Friend to Kill it revolves around two women, Judy and Jen, who become friends as a result of some strange situations that both share.

Jen recently became a widow after her husband died in a hit and run and started therapy to overcome the loss. There, she meets Judy, a woman mourning her fiancé, who died of cardiac arrest.

Although the series does not deal with a mother-daughter relationship, the friendship of the two protagonists is similar to the bond between Ginny and Georgia.

6 – Jane the Virgin

(The CW / Reproduction)(The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

Jane the Virgin is a romantic comedy created by Jennie Snyder Urman. The series portrays the life of Jane (Gina Rodriguez), a devout religious woman who is accidentally inseminated by her gynecologist. The situation creates a big mess in her life, as she has to deal with the repercussions of this mistake.

In addition, comedy subplots involve international crimes and murders. However, the main driver of the series is the relationship between Jane, her mother Xiomara and her grandmother Alba. As Ginny and Georgia, the production shows the unconditional love that arises from the most brutal events while emphasizing the importance of motherhood.

5 – New Girl

(Fox / Reproduction)(Fox / Reproduction)Source: Fox

New Girl has a strong friendship and intelligent humor inserted in the narrative, as Ginny and Georgia. The story follows a teacher, Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who shares an apartment with three other men after a bad breakup.

Her housemates support her at all times and the group’s relationship grows more and more over time and in the midst of her interactions with new people. The similarity with the Netflix series is present, not only by the way it portrays relationships, but also by references to pop culture.

4 – Parenthood

(NBC / Reproduction)(NBC / Reproduction)Source: NBC

The family drama Parenthood deals with three generations of the Braverman family. The series’ story goes through the tumultuous and light moments they face.

The relationship between teenager Haddie and her mother Kristina creates a lovely match, just as in Ginny and Georgia. Although the premises of the two productions are different, both face the adversities of motherhood.

3 – I never …

(Netflix / Playback)(Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

A story of maturing, I never… it revolves around Devi, a teenager who wants to change her social status after a bad first year of high school. Devi must also deal with the loss of his father and the grief involved.

Similar to Ginny and Georgia, the relationship with their mother, Nalini, is put to the test in the midst of these situations. Likewise, Nalini tries to repair this relationship in order to help Devi deal with the trauma and accept his Indian identity in a foreign place.

2 – Mom

(CBS / Reproduction)(CBS / Reproduction)Source: CBS

Ginny and Georgia shows how not every relationship between mother and daughter is 100% loving. Situations tend to affect the relationship, especially when both face obstacles in their personal lives.

This theme is also deepened in the series Mom. The sitcom presents a pair with deep-rooted problems that arose from a dysfunctional relationship. Christy (Anna Faris) and her mother, Bonnie (Allison Janney), find, in sadness, moments of love, even though they are accompanied by many fights.

1 – Gilmore Girls

(The WB / Reproduction)(The WB / Reproduction)Source: The WB

It would be a big mistake not to mention Gilmore Girls when talking about Ginny and Georgia. The similarities are so visible that the series of the 2000s is even mentioned in the production of Netflix in an almost metalinguistic moment.

The show revolves around Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and her daughter Rory (Alexis Bledel) as they experience family problems that span the generation gap. Lorelai and Rory form a connection that has become the main aspect of the series.

The relationship between Ginny and Georgia works in a similar way, as they grow together in the midst of their setbacks. Gilmore Girls it is a sure choice for those who loved production.

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