7 series similar to Avatar: The Legend of Aang

The cartoon Avatar: Legend of Aang has been shown to be one of those series that overcomes the power of time and oblivion. A hit when released in 2005, Nickelodeon’s animation was back in the spotlight after joining the Netflix streaming catalog.

So many people are following the adventures of Aang, who borrows the voice of Zach Tyler Eisen (The Backyardigans), and his best friends in the fight against a totalitarian and threatening regime. To win the terrible Fire Nation, the protagonist must learn to master the four elements: air, water, fire and earth.

The Avatar story is an extremely moving and immersive drawing, which can make viewers miss you very much after the ending. Thinking about it, Minha Série decided to separate 7 animations for you to watch after Avatar: Legend of Aang.

(Source: Nickelodeon / Reproduction)(Source: Nickelodeon / Reproduction)Source: Nickelodeon

The name already makes it very clear why it is a good indication for fans of Aang’s history, isn’t it? Avatar: Legend of Korra follows the story of Korra, a 17-year-old rebel, who ends up leaving that life behind to become an Avatar.

The series takes place in the same universe as the original animation, but 70 years after the events of Aang’s life. Some characters from the first series are also in the sequel, such as Katara, Sokka and Zuko, who strongly interfere in Korra’s fate. The new series is also available in the Netflix catalog.

(Source: Netflix / Playback)(Source: Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Netflix is ​​really interested in riding the wave of Avatar: Legend of Aang. The animation The Dragon Prince is a good example of this. The series, which has the same creator of Aang’s story, is a great option for those who like the style of young friends against the world.

The cartoon is set in the enchanted kingdom of Xadia, where three children embark on a journey to defeat the black magic that sent their lands to war. Very similar, isn’t it? The series is available on Netflix.

5. Jake Long: The Western Dragon

(Source: Disney / Reproduction)(Source: Disney / Reproduction)Source: Disney

Jake Long’s story is another that bears similarities to Aang’s. The 13-year-old must deal with the responsibilities and pressure to fulfill his ancestral duty to become the first American Dragon, whose mission is to protect the people of New York from magical creatures.

Jake Long: The Western Dragon carries a mood similar to that of Avatar: Legend of Aang, but it also has common names lending the voice to characters. Dante Basque and Mae Whitman, who respectively voice Zuko and Katara, are also on the Disney series. The animation is available in the Disney + catalog.

(Source: Netflix / Playback)(Source: Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Produced by Dreamworks Animation, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts follows Kipo, a young girl who is trapped on the surface of a post-apocalyptic Earth after living safely underground and needs to find her father. The series is inspired by a webcomic written by Radford Sechrist and bears some resemblance to Aang’s story.

The main one is the excitement and optimistic style of the protagonist, in addition to the union of strength with two new best friends. The fight against a villain who wants to take over the world is another similarity. The animation is available in the Netflix catalog.

(Source: Aniplex / Reproduction)(Source: Aniplex / Reproduction)Source: Aniplex

Innovating a little in style, we bring the option of anime Demon Slayer. The animation is inspired by a manga of the same name and brings a darker reading to the plot style of Avatar: Legend of Aang. The protagonist remembers dear Aang and the friends chosen to help him also look like Katara and Sokka.

However, Tanjiro’s life and motivation is much more bloodthirsty. The young man is seeking revenge after a demon curses his sister and kills Tanjiro’s entire family. Demon Slayer is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

(Source: Netflix / Playback)(Source: Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

The animation is another result of the joint work between Netflix and Dreamworks Animation. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has a humor very similar to Avatar and carries the same message that friends can also be your family.

The cartoon tells the story of Adora, who finds a magic sword that turns her into the warrior She-Ra. With that, she leaves her life behind as a member of the tyrannical Horde of Evil to join the rebellion that works to overthrow them. The animation is available in the Netflix catalog.

1. Voltron: the Legendary Defender

(Source: Netflix / Playback)(Source: Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

Voltron: the Legendary Defender is another animation resulting from the union between Netflix and Dreamworks Animation. The series, which is a remake of a classic from the 1980s, tells the story of a group of teen pilots in a fleet of space robots that combine to form a large robot called Voltron.

The animation has a genius similar to the story of Aang, not least because it has the same producers of Avatar: Legend of Aang and Avatar: Legend of Korra. Voltron: The Legendary Defender is available on Netflix.

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