7 series similar to Amigas Para Semper to celebrate friendship

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The series Friends Forever (Firefly Lane) it was a very positive surprise from Netflix. After all, the trajectory mixes romance, drama and many flashbacks from the past in just 10 episodes. If you’ve finished watching the first season and are looking for new shows to marathon, you’ve arrived at the right place!

The series follows friends who are inseparable since adolescence. Tully and Kate stayed together through the ups and downs of life. The chapters are full of traumatic events, love problems and friendship. That is, the perfect recipe for many of the series we love so much!

The success was so great that the series has already debuted in the top 10 most watched titles on the streaming platform. However, we know that it is not always easy to watch the episodes slowly, so we tend to marathon and end quickly.

While you wait for confirmation of a new season on Netflix, how about checking out some very similar titles that will warm your heart?

(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)(Source: Netflix / Disclosure)Source: Netflix

See 7 series similar to Amigas Para Semper:

7. This Is Us

This Is Us is a drama that has accompanied the Pearson family over the years. This means that the series takes place in different periods of the series ‘timeline, bringing flashbacks to explain how past events affect the characters’ present. With that, we see the Pearson as children, teenagers and adults. The series is loaded with exciting scenes that will please any fan of the genre!

6. Sky Castle

Sky Castle it is also a great option for fans of Friends Forever. The show is a satirical drama that accompanies housewives in an exclusive residential area. Their life goal is to get their children into a good university, regardless of the cost. So the Korean series is a great example of class struggle.

5. Sweet Magnolias

Available on Netflix, Sweet Magnolias accompanies women with their share of problems. Maddie, for example, is newly divorced and is trying to move on, but her husband Bill overcame her much faster than she did. Meanwhile, Dana works at a restaurant and Helen is a lawyer. Together, they decide to open a SPA and begin to deal with all the gossip in the suburbs.

4. Reply 1988

Another series similar to Friends Forever is Reply 1988. In turn, the series is also a Korean drama and consists of a trip back to the 80s. With a light plot, the characters are very well developed and the episodes are full of drama. All this without leaving the comedy aside!

3. Three Days Of Christmas

The series, also from the Netflix streaming platform, accompanies four teenage sisters on three different Christmases. They hide a great secret from their parents and, in these three years, they go through several personal and loving problems together. So, it’s a full plate for fans of Friends Forever who are looking for a new series to marathon.

2. Northern Rescue

Northern Rescue is a family drama similar to Friends Forever, but with situations not so close to reality. Thus, the series may recall, at first, some more series as Station 19, for example. The episodes follow an apparently perfect family, whose world is turned upside down when their mother, Sarah, dies unexpectedly. So Patriarch John needs to raise Scout, Maddie and Taylor. They move to a small town and begin to deal with all family problems. Union that we see in Friend forever!

1. Tales Of The City

Who likes series similar to Friends Forever you’ll love it too Tales of The City. On the show, Mary Ann returns to her hometown after a long time. She travels to wish happy birthday to Anna, a 90 year old lady. As soon as she arrives, she is confronted by her past. The characters are the highlight of the series, so it’s worth checking out!

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