7 movies with spicy scenes available on Netflix

Netflix has in its catalog movies and series loaded with spicy moments. From movie classics to exclusive productions, intense scenes are present in several works made available by the streaming platform.

Today TecMundo presents a list of seven “hottest” movies from Netflix.

A Secret Life of Zoe

The film tells the story of Zoe Reynard, a mother of three and married to her childhood sweetheart. What she hides behind her quiet life is a sex addiction, which makes her look for other sexual partners, among them a man whose relationship passes from pleasure to a set of threats and violence.

Zoe’s Secret Life bets on many nude scenes.Source: Disclosure

A Secret Life of Zoe it has a lot of hot and nude scenes. In addition to addressing issues ranging from the compulsion for sex, to the limits of pleasure.

Indecent Proposal

The ’90s classic features a storyline filled with stars like Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford. The film tells the story of David and Diana Murphy, a couple who are going through a financial crisis and decide to go to Las Vegas to bet what’s left. But after losing everything that’s left, they receive a proposal from a millionaire who can change their lives: a million dollars so he can have a night of love with Diana.

Indecent proposal was a blockbuster at the cinemaIndecent Proposal was a blockbuster at the cinema.Source: Disclosure

While the film isn’t quite as explicit, it does have iconic “catch” scenes between Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson. In addition, the feature was a box office hit, grossing more than $260 million worldwide.

Behind Innocence

Behind Innocence tells the story of Mary Morrison, a famous writer who, after hiring a nanny, begins to live a strange relationship with her, in which she cannot distinguish between real and fiction. This makes Mary question herself all the time if she is being seduced or just involved in the narrative of the book she is writing.

Behind the Innocence brings is a suspense full of hottest momentsBehind the Innocence is a suspense filled with the hottest moments.Source: Disclosure

Despite the low evaluation of specialized critics and a good part of viewers, the film drew attention due to the various hot sex scenes between the protagonists.

Second intentions 3

the franchise Second thoughts contains a plot that involves themes such as betrayal and love triangle, in the middle of sexual games. The third chapter does not stray from the theme, and presents the story of two young university students who, with a friend, devise a plan to seduce a newcomer. However, each of them hides secrets from each other, shaking the group’s confidence.

Second Intentions 3 is the third chapter of the famous franchiseSecond Intentions 3 is the third chapter of the famous franchise.Source: Disclosure

Although the first film was a critical and public success, the other chapters did not maintain the level, with some being released directly on DVD. However, the sensual scenes remain one of the biggest draws for its viewers.


the feature Newness was successful because of the way he approaches today’s virtual relationships. It tells the story of a couple who meet through a dating app. However, after the relationship begins to cool down, they return to technology to satisfy their cravings.

Newness brings a troubled relationship amidst technologyNewness shows a troubled relationship amidst the age of technology.Source: Disclosure

The film is loaded with intense scenes that, even abusing a darker tone in intimate moments, shows much more than conventional films.

Fifty Shades of grey

The famous trilogy written by author EL James, which tells the romance between billionaire Christian Gray and young Anastasia Steele, won a film in 2015. Available on the platform, it explicitly shows the couple’s sexual adventures, with several scenes of sadomasochism and submission .

Fifty Shades of Gray is inspired by the famous book of the same nameFifty Shades of Gray is inspired by the famous book of the same name.Source: Disclosure

Like the book, the film was a worldwide success. However, the most ardent fans complained a lot, because despite being very explicit, some important moments in the story were left out of the film.

365 days

The controversial Polish film tells the story of a young woman who goes on a trip to Sicily to save her troubled relationship. However, she falls in love with a Sicilian mobster who imprisons her and imposes on the young woman a period of 365 days to fall in love with him.

365 Days is one of the service's most controversial films365 Days is one of the service’s most controversial films.Source: Disclosure

Since coming into service last year, the film has been the target of a series of controversies. From being considered inappropriate, for romanticizing the kidnapping of a young girl by a criminal, to the excess of explicit scenes.

And in your opinion, which is the spiciest movie? Tell us here in the comments.

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