7 KPop Songs That Discuss About Young Souls, Let’s Add to Playlist!

KPop music fans have mushroomed in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. Not without reason, this music is popular because it often talks about things that are relateable with the lives of young people.

The following seven songs are examples. In addition to being sung by a very popular idol, these seven songs also have their own special features, namely lifting stories about the spirit when they have a young soul. Immediately, see the review below!

1. Forever Young – GOT7


Forever Young you and me, we are who we are
Forever Young even if time goes by
Forever young woo baby woo baby woo baby woo
Forever Young Woo Baby Woo Woo Baby Woo Baby
Forever you are my darling

Released in 2014, the song sung by GOT7 illustrates someone’s happiness because they have many moments to spend with their lovers. This is perfect for you to listen to when having a relationship with someone you think is special!

2. Epilogue: Young Forever – BTS


Forever, we are young
Under the rain flower petals fell
I ran, until lost in this maze
Forever, we are young
Even if I fall and hurt myself
I will continue to run towards my dreams

Epilogue: Young Forever is one of the tracks of the trilogy album The Most Beautiful Moments in Life. This song describes the determination to be young at heart and continue to strive to achieve dreams in the midst of such a hard life.

3. Forever Young – BLACKPINK


You light a fire in my heart
So that my youth burned without regret
If I’m with you until night comes
I could die this time
Forever Young
Forever Young
Forever Young
Forever Young

Almost the same as the song GOT7, Forever Young BLACKPINK’s possession also tells about love life when young.

This song is a form of desire and passion for someone to be able to love his beloved figure with all his heart. Because of his enthusiasm, he felt that he was ready to die right then so that his youth did not end with regret.

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4. We Young – EXO SC


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Don’t worry, whatever that is
It doesn’t matter where you are
Get rid of all the unnecessary things
You just need to close your ears for a while
So we do not stay silent
Because we are young
So we do not stay silent
Because we are young

Furthermore, there is EXO SC consisting of Sehun and Chanyeol. They have a song titled We Young. Released in 2018 through the SM Station X 0 project, the hip hop song contains an invitation to young people to momentarily forget about problems and enjoy life.

5. Young – Baekhyun ft. Loco


You have nothing else to do
Do what you want rather than something special
Be free, yeah, have some ideas that don’t obey the law
You are still very young

Still in 2018 in the series of SM Station X 0 projects and also related to EXO, this time there is a song Young from Baekhyun and Loco. Bergenre electronic pop, it talks about the passion to do what you really want to do.

6. 4x4ever – MAMAMOO


We are still young
Do not be afraid to fail
4x4ever is not easy to turn off
We are still young
Hot as the blue flame
Burn forever
What I want to do 4x4ever
4 X 4 X 4
What I want to do 4x4ever
4 X 4 X 4
4ever 4ever 4ever 4ever

4x4ever it is not title track. But, if listened carefully, this song can excite the listener in just a few minutes. 4x4ever is a form of MAMAMOO’s invitation to the younger generation to love themselves more.

Also through this song, MAMAMOO also gives encouragement to people who have experienced failure. “It’s okay, we’ve failed. We can still continue to try because we are still young, “that’s the important message.

7. Eight – IU ft. Suga


We are under the orange sun
Dance together without a shadow
There is no permanent separation
Meet in happy memories
Forever Young

Dominate the various charts, of course you should try listening to the song Eight at least once in a lifetime.

This song tells the story of someone who wants to live young forever with the person he loves, even though he knows, no matter how passionate, there will be things that come at once just go through life and everything will end up with memories. The tone of the song is indeed cheerful, but there is a story that is so sad if we look deeper.

Those are seven KPop songs about young souls. Hopefully by listening to the seven songs above, you will become more enthusiastic in living your life huh!

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