7 incredible anime that inspired Hollywood movies

Animes are Japanese cartoons that have been very successful in the world, with series and films that thrill and captivate viewers. However, pleasing fans is not the only “skill” of these drawings.

With mind-boggling and creative storylines, anime also serves as an inspiration for screenwriters and directors to create blockbuster Hollywood movies. To exemplify, Minha Série drew up a list of seven cases in which Japanese drawings influenced Hollywood feature films.

7. Van HelsingBlade Vampire Hunter D

(Source: Madhouse / Reproduction)(Source: Madhouse / Reproduction)Source: Madhouse

The anime created by Hideyuki Kikuchi is the inspiration for not just one, but two Hollywood hits. Damphir, the protagonist of the animation, practically created a character style for theaters: the half-vampire man who helps to eliminate other vampires.

Some clear examples are the protagonists of Van Helsing and Blade, which are exactly the same being as Damphir.

(Source: Toei Animation / Reproduction)(Source: Toei Animation / Reproduction)Source: Toei Animation

The film Clash of Titans it is very much inspired by the history of Greek mythology and the demigod Perseus. However, the anime Knights of the Zodiac also played an important role in the production of the feature film.

Director Louis Leterrier made it clear that Masami Kurumada’s design was a great inspiration when thinking about the film, so much so that the creator of Japanese animation was invited to help design the poster for Clash of Titans for the launch in Japan.

5. Lion King Kimba, the White Lion

(Source: Tezuka Productions / Reproduction)(Source: Tezuka Productions / Reproduction)Source: Tezuka Productions

Disney will always deny that The Lion King has been inspired by someone else’s creation, claiming that it is an original idea from Walt Disney Studios. However, the successful feature film was released in 1994, more than 30 years after the anime’s debut Kimba, The White Lion.

In addition to Simba and Kimba being very similar names, several issues in the story are very similar, such as the scene of Mufasa sitting on the Pride Stone and the ghost of her father appearing to Simba during the film.

For you to understand the level of similarity, actor Matthew Broderick thought he had been cast in a remake of Kimba, The White Lion when he got the role for Simba’s voice.

(Source: Shochiku / Reproduction)(Source: Shochiku / Reproduction)Source: Shochiku

The Matrix, the great success of the 2000s, is another film that was inspired by Japanese anime. The Wachowski sisters publicly confirmed that they were greatly influenced by Ghost In The Shell.

Both productions work with a futuristic reality, and the story of individuals who discover the true reality of existence and, thus, find pleasure in living. Besides, of course, the characteristics taken cortical, which allow the characters of the feature film to go to the reality of the Matrix.

3. Avatar Ghost In The Shell Princess Mononoke

(Source: Studio Ghibli / Reproduction)(Source: Studio Ghibli / Reproduction)Source: Studio Ghibli

Ghost In The Shell back to the list for having been, Princess Mononoke, an inspiration for Avatar, one of the biggest box office hits in cinema history.

The resemblance to Ghost In The Shell it is in sharing human consciousness with other realities. The inspiration in Princess Mononoke it is in the presence of a strong female protagonist and the premise that, after degrading nature, the environment will fight humans “in self-defense”.

James Cameron himself, creator of Avatar, had praised Ghost In The Shell on other occasions, but he never admitted that his feature film was inspired by anime.

two. Black Swan Perfect Blue

(Source: Madhouse / Reproduction)(Source: Madhouse / Reproduction)Source: Madhouse

The productions Black Swan and Perfect Blue they have very alarming similarities, as both tell the story of a young woman who turns away all friends and family in the search for success, being disturbed by a doppelganger.

In this case, the similarities are not just inspirations. Filmmaker Darren Aronofsky bought the rights to the anime made by the iconic Satoshi Kon and produced the hit drama, which earned Natalie Portman an Oscar for Best Actress.

1. The originPaprika

(Source: Madhouse / Reproduction)(Source: Madhouse / Reproduction)Source: Madhouse

The genius of Satoshi Kon has given theaters another big Hollywood production. Director Christopher Nolan himself confirmed that Paprika had great influence in creating The origin.

Both productions work on the fact that people use machines to influence and enter the dreams of others. In addition, the fight scene in the revolving corridor was “borrowed” directly from Kon’s anime.

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