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Using the convenience of technology to guarantee that bauru pie or that carrot cake at the best possible time is something we should all do. Memorizing the ingredients and the method of preparation is not easy, let’s face it. Therefore, it is worth picking up our smartphone to check 7 free recipe apps and already plan the afternoon snack.

Using recipe apps can be interesting in everyday life (Image: Unsplash / Jeff Sheldon)

1. Easy Recipes

easy recipes
Easy Recipes Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

One of the most popular recipe apps offers a huge library for those who want to invent in the kitchen. Its interface is quite simple, but it does the job. Everything is separated by categories like “Beverages”, “Cakes” and “Meats”. In addition, the user can leave the recipes they use the most as their favorites to always have access.

Another interesting option is the possibility of marking the ingredients that the person has on hand when making the recipe. This makes it easier to control and not have to leave in the middle of the preparation. There are ads in the app.

2. Tasty Receitas

apps for recipes
Tasty app (Image: Tecnoblog)

This is another recipe app that is gaining popularity, even more because it is from the famous vehicle BuzzFeed. It already presents itself guaranteeing more than 3000 options of varied dishes. The application offers step-by-step preparations to make the user’s life easier, as well as frequent videos about kitchen news.

There’s a way to customize the app to turn it into a personal cookbook, but you can also let it send you periodic suggestions on what to prepare for your next meal. Unfortunately, there are no options for Portuguese, that is, it is necessary to know a little English to enjoy all the content.

3. TudoGostoso Recipes

TudoGostoso app
TudoGostoso Recipes app (Image: Tecnoblog)

With more than 170,000 recipes for users, this app allows everything to be found through an easy-to-access search button. The categories also help when finding that dish for that important moment of the day.

A feature worth mentioning is that TudoGostoso Recipes encourages users to send their own suggestions with images and tips. Thus, almost a community of chefs ends up being created among the people who love cooking apps the most. There are many advertisements that appear while you are using the app.

4. Cozinha Fit & Fat

Fit & Fat
Fit & Fat Kitchen App (Image: Tecnoblog)

Offering options for those who want to create healthier meals, Cozinha Fit & Fat allows searches ranging from the ingredient used in the recipe to the name of the dish itself. Each option is presented with an image of the ready-made recipe and an intuitive and detailed step-by-step guide.

In addition, informational materials and mini-lessons are part of the application’s library. There are even interviews with personalities for those looking for that extra content that goes beyond the preparation and ingredients seen in most of the recipe apps out there.

5. Recipe Book

recipe apps
Recipe Book Application (Image: Tecnoblog)

Unlike all the options in this list of apps, the Recipe Book does not offer a list so that the user can find a dish and prepare it. In fact, this application works like a book in which the person can add text and images to keep everything organized.

So, the idea here is to retire the physical notebook and exchange it for an app to keep your recipes safely stored. Another interesting factor is that in this way, the user can share their favorite dishes with other people.

6. Vegan Recipes in Portuguese

recipe apps
Vegan Recipes App (Image: Tecnoblog)

Aimed at both those interested in learning about veganism and long-time vegans, this app offers a simple but practical layout. The range of dishes is not gigantic like other examples on this list, but it provides enough within the presented world.

There are suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. All without using a single ingredient of animal origin. It is worth mentioning the snacks (my favorites) that manage to please even the carnivores on duty.

7. Petitichef

Petitchef app (Image: Tecnoblog)

This is another one of the many recipe apps that promise thousands of dishes for all tastes. Petitchef divides its categories into “Starter”, “Dish”, “Dessert” and “Others”. Therefore, it is easier to find that snack for your party, for example.

A highlight of this application is that many recipes also provide nutritious information, helping those looking for more details. You can favorite the ones you want, as well as add images to share with others. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the app sends suggestions for dishes daily to users.

Do you like to use recipe apps or do you still prefer to have the books and notes of yesteryear at hand? Don’t forget to comment!

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