7 extensions to use on WhatsApp Web and improve your experience

WhatsApp Web has become an important tool for common users and business accounts. With this feature, you can chat with other people or serve customers directly through the browser on your computer.

Also, there are extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox that add extra functionality to the messenger. Below, we’ve separated seven app options for those who want to expand their WhatsApp Web experience.

WA Toolkit

Source:  Google Web Store/Playback

Available for Google Chrome, WA Toolkit is essential for anyone who doesn’t want or can’t miss any WhatsApp notifications. Thus, it notifies the user even when the tab of the messenger’s web version is closed.

The extension also adds a counter button to the toolbar that shows the amount of unread messages. The icon also indicates when there is a connection problem with the phone.

WhatsApp Direct Message

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WhatsApp Web does not have a native function that allows you to send messages to contacts who are not registered in the mobile phonebook. So, WhatsApp Direct Message fixes this “failure” of the web version of the messenger.

Using the tool for Chrome, the person must fill in the fields “Number” and “Message” to start a conversation with a new contact. Undoubtedly, a feature that makes life much easier for many users.

Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web

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In order to protect privacy, the Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Web adds a “blur” to messages and images. The app only reveals the contents when the user hovers over it.

Customizable, one can choose which elements will be blurred. In this way, it is possible to “hide” all messages from the current conversation, profile pictures and names of groups or contacts.

WA Web Plus

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Well complete, WA Web Plus is an extension for Chrome with tools for WhatsApp Business accounts. The feature has integration with some CRM software, which makes it possible to export and import customer contacts.

The app has functions such as disabling read confirmation, playing audio and publishing content in Status. As well, it makes it possible to restore text messages that were deleted.

For privacy, the extension also brings a feature to blur screen information. For example, contact names, conversation contents and media files are hidden when the option is activated.


Source:  Google Web Store/Playback

WhatStation is another extension aimed at business accounts. The tool available for Chrome has direct integration with the main features of RD Station, a CRM management platform.

Through the app, sellers can import and update information in the customer catalog. In addition to saving conversations in the register, the feature signals the contact steps in the sales funnel.


Source:  WappBot/Disclosure

WappBot is an advanced chatbot tool for WhatsApp Web. Powered by artificial intelligence, the extension allows sending automatic responses to messages received by the account.

The feature allows you to send specific messages based on keywords. In this way, it is possible to create an almost automated service to streamline and improve the relationship with customers.


Source:  Googlw Web Store/Reproduction

The WAIncognito extension for Google Chrome makes the user invisible while using WhatsApp Web. With the tool, the person has full control to enable the sending of message confirmation and “last seen” update in the messenger.

What’s more, the app allows you to set a “safety timeout” for automatically sending the read confirmation. Then, the user has a space of minutes to prevent notification.

Did you know these extensions for WhatsApp Web? Which ones have you used? Let us know in the comments!

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