7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Android

The music industry is always changing from year to year. While digital music distribution is still quite popular, today many users prefer to streamed music. In this realm, Spotify becomes a service streamed the most advanced and biggest, with millions of users worldwide.

Even so, Spotify is not alone because there are still many services or applications streamed other music that is no less good. But not much different from Spotify, some of which are subscription-based services. Here is the list.

1. Google Play Music


Google Play Music is one of the best Spotify alternatives, especially since it comes as the default application on Android. It offers more than 35 million songs and gives users the opportunity touploaded up to 50 thousand songs from library they.

Apart from that, it also has a special section for listening podcast. To provide the best service, it studies user preferences, then provides song recommendations based on habits. It has a simple and free UI without a dime subscription fee.

2. Amazon Music

7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Androidphandroid.com

Starting from a digital song distribution service, Amazon Music has now switched to service streamed songs like Spotify. It is equipped with a very complete song catalog, but you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime to be able to fully enjoy its features. The intended features such as ad-free, skip unlimited, download it song and control playback via Alexa.

Unfortunately, though always up-to-date in providing songs, Amazon Music has one weakness, namely the UI. Display user-interface This application tends to be obsolete, like the official Amazon application.

3. Pandora

7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Androidlifewire.com

Even though it is old, Pandora remains one of the services streamed best at the moment. Pandora has been in the music industry since 2002, has more than 75 million active users and is arguably a service pioneer streamed music.

This application has library very complete music and a satisfying recommendation system. The free mode restricts users to skip songs and has several advertisements. But if you want to eliminate it and get the full features, users must subscribe to the name Pandora Plus.

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4. Tidal Music

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7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Androidjoewilcox.com

Tidal is a service streamed paid song owned by rapper famous, Jay Z. It combines audio lossless with HiFi music video clips (High Fidelity) which has been curated by the editor.

Tidal himself tried his best to provide quality songs, with more than 50 million songs and 130 thousand music video clips. Interestingly, services that have 3 million so far subscriber This, equipped with Tidal X – gives listeners or fans the opportunity to get closer to their favorite musicians.

5. Deezer

7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Androidphandroid.com

Deezer is known as a service streamed most popular music, with more than 53 million song collections, 30,000 channel radio, podcast and much more. Just like other services, Deezer also allows users to listen to songs to create playlist specifically based on favorite songs.

One of the most interesting parts of Deezer comes from soundtrack specifically named Flow. It contains selected songs based on user habits, which not only offer favorite songs, but also recommendations of new musicians that users might like.

6. Soundcloud

7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Android9to5google.com

Soundcloud becomes one of the platforms or services streamed a song popular with song creators. It has more than 120 million songs including famous songs and some are from indie musicians. Soundcloud is the best choice for those of you who want to refresh playlist with songs from new musicians.

In addition to a large collection of songs, Soundcloud still comes with common features such as playlist, follow musicians and the ability to skip songs. It is even equipped with interesting social media elements and rarely exists in most similar services.

7. YouTube Music

7 Best Spotify Alternative Music Streaming Applications for Androidcnet.com

YouTube Music helps users find new songs based on their preferences, location, time of day and what is happening hits through “The Hotlist”. Users can also search for albums, single to footage of the show live through name or lyrics.

Just like Spotify, it also has a subscription option for more complete and comprehensive features. Subscription option named Premium Music that, offering users services streamed ad-free song, along with the ability mendownload it songs to play offline.

That was a recommendation from several applications streamed Spotify alternative songs that are worth a try. How about you? interested in switching to some services streamed above, or still choose Spotify?

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