7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!

The game new again present on Android every month. Over time, the rows of games available on Android get bigger and better. Even one title the game alone can satisfy the tastes of playing Android users.

For this, here are a few the game The best new Android released in June 2020. Hopefully these new titles can make you even more satisfied!

1. Clash of Beasts


As quoted from Android Authority, Clash of Beasts is the game the latest from Ubisoft. Clash of Beasts is the game PvP on line by presenting elements in the form of strategy and kingdom development. You will create a base and organize your defenses as well as possible when an attacker attacks.

Not only defending, you can also attack other user’s headquarters and try to conquer their defenses. In addition, there is also a PvP co-op battle with a capacity of up to a total of six players.

2. Dead Cells

7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!engadget.com

Dead Cells are the game the latest from Playdigion. Previously, a publisher the game it has released several the game popular like Cultist Simulator, Evoland, Teslagrad, and OK Golf. In Dead Cells, players will pass various levels, jump over obstacles, and cut down bad people when they leave

The game this is indeed not very unique in the mechanism of the game, but the execution is extraordinary. There is no time limit on Dead Cells, so you can explore the game as you wish.

3. Endurance

7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!apkpure.com

Endurance is released by the same developer as the game The same price. At the beginning of the game, players will dive into the past to explore a ship and find out how the virus spreads. You don’t have to play the Ailment first to enjoy Endurance, but it’s recommended.

Endurance takes you exploring ships, shooting bad guys, collecting tons of weapons, and enjoying shooting games. Endurance is available in the free version, it’s just that you need to be patient with ads that will always appear.

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4. Exos Heroes

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7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!gamerbraves.com

Exos Heroes is a action game RPG. The game This is quite surprising for its size the game Android. The reason is, Exos Heroes gives players an open world to explore, lots of things to do, and a very exciting storyline to enjoy.

The sensation of fighting Exos Heroes is pretty standard and not bad. There are even elements gacha, where players can randomly summon heroes.

5. My Talking Tom Friends

7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!androidauthority.com

You’ve all played the game this at least once. Yes, My Talking Tom Friends is the game the latest from franchise Talking Tom. Actually there is no significant difference between My Talking Tom Friends and other Talking Tom games. The difference only lies in the number of your pets. Instead of taking care of one, you can take care of six at the game this.

6. Small Town Murders

7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!venturebeat.com

Small Town Murders is the game blend of puzzle and murder mystery. Narration the game it tells about murder and you have to be able to solve it.

You will use the clues you get to interrogate the suspect and resolve the murder case. Small Town Murders can be played for free.

7. Whipseey

7 Best New Android Games Released June 2020!thexboxhub.com

Want to be nostalgic? That means you are really fit to play Whipseey.

Overall, Whipseey is the game 2D that uses a graphic style similar to platformer in 1990 so you get a little nostalgia when playing. Whipseey’s character can run, jump and move as usual or use his trademark whip to get through obstacles.

That is some the game The best Android that just arrived in June 2020. You’re most interested in the same the game what number?

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