7 apps to download wallpaper on mobile

There are really awesome features that can help us make all electronic devices like us. And this customization can be very simple, starting, for example, with some wallpaper on your lock screen and also on your smartphone home screen. But how to get that amazing wallpaper that will make all the difference to the look of your cell phone?

For this reason, we have selected some of the best mobile wallpaper download apps that are available in the official Android and iOS operating system stores.

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Aesthetic Wallpaper

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The apps to download wallpaper can fit the most varied types and tastes of users. To start this list, there is an app full of minimalist and monochromatic designs, in addition to different styles, which refer, in some cases, to the history of art and remarkable passages in literature. Independent artists are also offering works with their unique traits, whose characters can address different moods.

To use wallpapers, just select your favorites and download them to your device. Free of charge, the app also offers high quality images.

Walldrobe Wallpapers

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Another completely free option with captivating images synchronized with what is best on the internet is available for users of the Android operating system, being purchased through the official smartphone app store. Interestingly, the software is made up of a community of photographers who make their work available to be downloaded and turned into exclusive wallpapers.

Through the application itself, you’ll be able to adjust the image on the desired mobile screens, applying edits and quick fixes. It is also possible to blur, change the positioning and make small sharpening interventions. There are more than 1.1 million photos available.

ZEDGE Wallpapers

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Among the most popular apps by users to discover new wallpapers is ZEDGE Wallpapers, which has versions for Android and iOS. In its collection, you can find many interesting options, with high quality images that can demonstrate all the nuances of your personality. If they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, how about investing in this option and leaving your electronic device with your face?

You can use the app for free at the time of installation, but any ads may appear on the screen. If you want to eliminate them, you can subscribe to the premium plan and guarantee other exclusive features.

Backdrops Wallpapers

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Organization and practicality are two qualities sought by users when it comes to digital matters. In this sense, the Backdrops team offers great advantages to everyone, which includes several collections of wallpapers and a search bar whose keywords already guarantee a good result for what is being searched for. The app also offers free sharing of your own content, in addition to the ability to track the performance of each of the images presented by you.

And with the “Wall of the Day” feature, it is possible to view all the news available each new day within the platform, showing must-see drawings embedded in various themes. There is also the possibility to subscribe to the app and have more tools at your disposal.

Anime & Wallpaper

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Anime fans will also be able to customize their respective cell phones with the best images of their favorite animations. With this app, browse for the best wallpaper for your device, considering all available options.

It is worth noting that the initial visualization of the platform already shows the main trends of the moment, including drawings made by artists from all over the world. When choosing the best wallpaper, make some adjustments through the editor present in the application and enjoy!


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Among all the apps for downloading wallpaper, Walli has some trivia and advantages that no other platform offers. Android users, for example, can also create their own wallpaper collections, selecting all the ones they want to use at some point on their mobile.

In addition, in this version, there is no need to download, as the app allows you to change wallpapers with just a few touches. Although free for testing, by subscribing to any of the plans offered by the developers, you have access to thousands of new tools.

Vellum Wallpapers

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To close the list, we could not fail to recommend an exclusive app for iOS users with great creative possibilities. The Vellum Wallpapers collection is quite striking, as, with its internal curation, there is a selection of the best images that will become irresistible wallpapers.

It is possible to browse the sections according to feelings as well as aesthetic categories. Among the features offered, there are also photo editing options, with a premium version full of new tools.

Did you like the options presented? So be sure to enjoy! Access your smartphone’s official app store right now and get the best apps to download wallpaper on your mobile.

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