6 Web Drama Teen Themes that Match Your Weekend

Besides reading books and studying, you can also fill your break time to watch web dramas, you know.

Web drama is a short duration drama, generally only 15-45 minutes, with short episodes (about 10 to 16 episodes). This drama is suitable for you who do not like staring at the screen for too long for just one episode of the drama.

Here are 6 web drama recommendations that are suitable for your free time.

1. A-teen (Season 1 and 2)


This drama is quite popular among web drama lovers, played by Lee Na-eun April, Kim Dong Hee, and Choi Bo-Min (for season 2).

“A-teen” takes the background story of a high school kid with everyday problems that are very relatable. Not just romance, the web this one drama will also invite you to understand teenage anger and conflict, such as bladder, test scores, ups and downs in reaching dreams, and of course, bonds of friendship.

“A-teen” airs in two seasons and you can watch all the episodes through the Indonesian YouTube Playlist channel or the Global Playlist.

2. The World of My 17


Aired since April 22, 2020, “The World of 17” is a web drama comedy genre genre that takes the background of high school students with a thick spice of friendship, you know.

Tells the story of a student named Oh Na Ri who is surrounded by three beautiful girls. Na Ri also feels inferior about her own appearance, but as time goes by, their bond of friendship gets even tighter.

Will Na Ri, Yoona, Mi Rae and Seo Jin’s friendship last until they graduate? Come on, watch the play!

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3. The Temperature of Language; Our Nineteen


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Not just romance, this one web drama focuses on the problem of the six teenagers with their respective conflicts. There’s Woo JinAh, who is uncertain about his future after high school; Han YuRi, with his bad friendship past; Lee Chansol, class president who was swayed with feelings; Seo EunBin, the number one student who has financial problems; Kim DoYoon, a high-achieving student but under pressure from his mother; and Shin KangWook, a quiet and mysterious transfer student.

This drama will provide many valuable lessons for teenagers. About dreams, friendship, and life.

4. Best Mistake


Appropriate for you lovers of teen romance dramas, “Best Mistake” tells the story of the carelessness of a girl named Kim YeonDoo, who wants to avoid messages from men because they make her disturbed.

Without thinking, YeonDoo immediately posted a profile picture of a foreign boy and claimed that it was his girlfriend. However, the photo of the guy he posted as a profile turned out to be his own schoolmate.

Then, after making a fool of yourself while dragging the man into the gossip burrow, will YeonDoo be safe?

5. In Seoul


Played by Min DoHee and Jang YoungNam, In Seoul tells the dynamics of the relationship between mother and daughter. DoHee is a hobby high school student fangirling, while her mother disagreed and considered her daughter’s hobby to be totally unrealistic. Tired of being restrained by her mother, DoHee also aspires to enter Seoul Nasoinal University and be able to live independently.

But will his dream come true?

6. I Have a Secret


In accordance with the title, this one web drama tells the story of 6 different teenagers who keep their secrets. There are Oh Jisoo, So MiJi, Ha Dasom, Jo Ahsung, Lee YeoJae, and RiHo.

Intrigued by the secrets they keep? Come on, watch the web drama!

That’s the sixth web drama with a school setting suitable for teenagers. How, guys? There is your favorite?

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