6 Types of Korean Kimbap You Can Make at Home, How Easy!

Fans of KPop or KDrama will be familiar with various South Korean specialties, one of which is kimbap. How not, in various dramas there are many scenes where the actors make or eat kimbap as a breakfast menu, lunch, or even at night when hungry.

Kimbap or gimbap itself is a typical Korean food in the form of rice rolls that are filled with a variety of vegetables, eggs, meat, and rolled with seaweed. Reporting from hannaone.com, although at first glance all the gimbap looks the same, in fact this food consists of many variations you know!

1. Classic kimbap


Classic kimbap is the most common kimbap in South Korea and often appears in many drama scenes. If you have a chance on a vacation to South Korea, you can find many classic kimbap sellers everywhere.

Classic kimbap usually has pickled radishes, fish cakes, burdock root, carrots, spinach, eggs, and beef rolled with seaweed.

2. Really kimbap

6 Types of Korean Kimbap You Can Make at Home, How Easy!instagram.com/meogxplorer

In a way, this kimbap is the most unique type of kimbap. Unlike the other round kimbap, kimbap is actually a triangle. Uniquely, Koreans don’t make kimbap at home but buy it at the convenience store.

In addition to being cheap, and full, kimbap is also made up of a variety of ingredients ranging from tuna, kimchi, or bulgogi. Usually Koreans buy samimbap in the morning, when they are hungry but don’t have much time for breakfast.

3. Chungmu kimbap

6 Types of Korean Kimbap You Can Make at Home, How Easy!tasteatlas.com

As the name implies, Chungmu Kimbap comes from a port city named Chungmu. In that city, people often wrap rice with grilled seaweed which came to be known as Chungmu Kimbap.

Well because it only consists of rice and seaweed, the people in the city serve chungmu kimbap with spicy radish or squid to taste better.

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4. Nude kimbap

6 Types of Korean Kimbap You Can Make at Home, How Easy!daol.tistory.com

After samimbak kimbap, nude kimbap also has a unique appearance. Instead of using seaweed to roll rice, nude kimbap uses seaweed to roll fillings in the form of carrots, eggs, perilla leaves, crab meat, and turnip radish.

Rice itself is used to coat seaweed so the nude kimbap is white. Before serving, nude kimbap will be cut into smaller sizes for easy eating.

5. Mayak kimbap

6 Types of Korean Kimbap You Can Make at Home, How Easy!koreanbapsang.com

Mayak kimbap is a small version of the classic kimbap. Because of its small size, the filling of the kimbap mayak is also not much and only in the form of carrots, pickled radishes, and boiled spinach.

What makes it unique is, this kimbap is not cut into pieces like other types of kimbap but is presented in the form of a complete roll with a sprinkling of sesame seeds on it.

6. Chamchi kimbap

6 Types of Korean Kimbap You Can Make at Home, How Easy!instagram.com/piromin0813

If you like tuna, chamchi kimbap will suit your taste. Chamchi kimbap is filled with mashed tuna and mustard sauce. In addition to tuna, chamchi kimbap is also given additional fillings such as eggs, fish cakes, pickled radish, and vegetables.

The cool thing is that even though you come from Korea, you don’t need to bother flying to Korea to taste it. Because the contents are simple, you can make this kimbap yourself at home. Guaranteed not to fail!

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