6 tips to start your journey in Valheim [guia para iniciantes]

If you haven’t heard of Valheim it is already out of fashion. One of the great successes of the moment in Steam reached the mark of 3 million players in less than 2 weeks of its launch.

Valheim it’s a survival game multiplayer themed viking and third person view. Since you don’t want to be left out of this, Voxel has prepared a beginner’s guide. This way you can start to make beautiful in the game.

1 – Collect, build tools and workbench

The first step is to understand the whole context surrounding the adventure. You take command of a Viking shortly after your death. Norse mythology teaches that dead warriors go into a kind of purgatory, called Valhalla. This is where your adventure begins.

Valheim allows you to play alone or even with 10 friends at the same time in a procedural world, that is, created at random. Your mission will be to survive in the midst of chaos and, for that, you will have to start building things. The first step is to collect everything that lies ahead and assemble the basic tools, which will help you in the service.

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It is essential that you assemble a hammer and an ax. The tools will help to build the first items. Don’t forget the workbench. It will be essential to build structures and other important parts. Valuable tip: remember that your tools can be stored free of charge on the workbench.

2 – Fill the belly

Surviving in Valheim will not be easy. The task will be even more difficult if you are hungry. After setting up your home, be sure to create a food counter. All of this is important, as over time, your resistance bar (bottom corner of the screen) will decrease, as will the health bar.

To eat, just take a walk in the forest and pick mushrooms and fruits. If you are a carnivore you will have to kill some animals, such as wild boars. This way you will be able to feed yourself and even prepare it on the bench.

3 – Make a chimney

It seems like a silly tip, but there are a lot of people who die in the beginning, asphyxiated by the smoke, when they are working. When building your home, never forget to leave a clear path for smoke to escape.

4 – Learn to like the crow

As the game starts procedurally, many players will have different experiences on their first day. So, talk to the bird called Hugin. It will be fundamental to guide and guide you in the best to be done at that time. Don’t forget to read the runes, as they bring important tips to survive on your journey.

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5 – Train before you really fight

After developing your character, having a good weapon and a home to live in is time to venture into the region. But get ready, others vikings will appear ahead and will do their best to challenge you. In addition, to pass the stage it will be necessary to face some bosses.

Fighting at the beginning will not be easy. It will be important to train a lot and, nothing better than using animals for this. Train your dodge and defense moves. Learn how to hit strokes and correctly manage your resistance bar.

6 – Deaths beasts

We said above that you can die of asphyxiation the moment you work. It is worth noting that there are other ways not very pleasant to die on Valheim.

Be careful not to drown! If you want to swim in the ocean, keep an eye on your resistance, otherwise you will start to lose health. Also be careful when cutting down a tree. You can be hit by it, the moment you cut it.

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There are several tips for you to do well in Valheim. If you know something valuable for the first days of life on your new journey, it helps to further enrich this guide, leaving it written in the comments.

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