6 tips for those of you who claim to like writing but are confused where to start

Many people who said they claimed to like writing but rarely even almost never tried to write. The reason could be due to busy work, not confident with his own writing, or other reasons.

If you think you like writing, but are still confused about how to start, maybe this article can give you a solution. To be sure, you must understand that writing is the best way to carve your imprint that can be useful for others even if you are gone.

1. Know what topics you like the most to write about

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Like photography, writing also has genre. Before you start writing, you should find out what topics you like the most and are comfortable for you to write. Isn’t doing something you enjoy even easier? Even so by writing.

Start writing with topics that you like. However, of course it is still in the right and positive corridor. It doesn’t matter if your writing initially seems simple because it’s only in form curhatan personal. Who knows from that initial step, collection curhatan You can be arranged into an inspiring novel.

2. Embed mindset that writing is not for others, but for yourself

6 tips for those of you who claim to like writing but are confused about where to startunsplash.com/Trent Szmolnik

Mindset above is quite important because when you believe writing is for yourself, then whether someone will read or not, you will continue to work. You must form a thought that your writing is for personal notes you, not for others.

The more posts you create, the more notes for yourself you can produce. Conscious or not, these notes will definitely be useful for reminder you or even for others.

3. Select the platform best to pour your writing

6 tips for those of you who claim to like writing but are confused about where to startunsplash.com/Chris Spiegl

In modern times like now, technology provides so many choices the platform as a forum to pour your writing ideas. Starting from blog, social media accounts, and media on line the other. Just leave the room, willing or not using the ease of these advanced technologies to channel your hobby.

If you are still more comfortable writing without being read by others, you can write your thoughts on the laptop or smartphone-You without being shared anywhere. As long as you are still productive writing, the platform whatever you use won’t be a problem.

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4. Make writing targets according to ability

6 tips for those of you who claim to like writing but are confused about where to startunsplash.com/Kristin Wilson

The target of writing also needs to be your concern so that you really have the habit of writing so that eventually your life will feel less without writing. Make the target of writing according to your ability provided consistent. As the saying goes, piecemeal but routine is much better than direct lot but not consistent.

5 Share your writing to the public

6 tips for those of you who claim to like writing but are confused about where to startunsplash.com/Mimi Thian

For you who initially felt more comfortable writing private without wanting to be read by others, try occasionally sharing it to the public. Sharing your writing to many people can benefit you and others, you know.

You will have a chance to get feedback from people who read it. In addition, you realize it or not, your writing also has the opportunity to inspire them. Isn’t it fun when your work can be useful for others?

6. Send your writings so you can income

6 tips for those of you who claim to like writing but are confused about where to startpexels.com/Vlada Karpovich

Finally, if you feel your writing has quality and selling points, don’t hesitate to send it to the media on line, publishers, or the like so you can earn from your writing.

Tips when you want to send writing is to make sure the format and genre your writing is in accordance with the media you are after. If at the first opportunity your work is rejected, don’t be discouraged to send it again. Rest assured if the process will gradually hone your creativity in writing.

For those of you who admit to writing but are confused about where to start, now you know the tricks. Hopefully it can ignite your enthusiasm for immediately pouring ideas that have been hidden lately, yes.

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