6 sites to make mind map

Whether it is time to study in groups or to organize ideas for an individual project, making a mind map can help save time, simplify sometimes complex work, bring ideas together during a brainstorm and allow you to get a general idea of ​​an entire activity.

What is mind map?

Mind maps are visual structures with varied shapes, depending on your creativity and need. They can be composed of text boxes, arrows, geometric shapes, colors, images and drawings, among many resources. With them, you can assemble diagrams, concept flows, text skeletons or even make diagrams and graphs that help to get an idea out of the paper.

The good news is that you don’t need advanced knowledge to set up a mind map: several online services offer a completely blank screen with menus in Portuguese and several tools for you to organize yourself. Below, we list some of these indications.

1. Padlet

Padlet is a collaborative mural aimed at creating mind maps with a series of predefined formats. In a few minutes you can set up a mural or timeline, or use the canvas to make the structure you want.

Some of the Padlet’s options.Source: Padlet

One of Padlet’s differentials is the number of possible attachments: you can upload images, videos, music, locations and links to make the wall complete and multimedia.

2. MindMeister

MindMeister is a well-established service in terms of mind maps for use in education, organizing chores and productivity at work.

MindMeister.MindMeister.Source: MindMeister.

It presents various forms of organization charts, with high customization of fonts and colors – even with ready layout options for those who do not want to start a project from scratch. You can even share mindmaps with others for collaborative tasks and even turn the creation into a slide show that resembles the Prezi style.

3. GoConqr

Specialized in educational use, GoConqr allows the creation of explanation streams and materials to be used in the presentation of works or for the production of classes – that is, being equally useful for students and teachers.

GoConqr.GoConqr.Source: GoConqr

GoConqr also allows you to add notes, images or links, in addition to sharing with others. The service has an optimized interface so that you can do the assembly even on your smartphone.

4. Canva

Canva is perhaps the most popular name on this list: the tool is increasingly popular as it offers a number of different designs and allows creations that look more professional than a simple Power Point.

Some ready-made Canva models.Some ready-made Canva models.Source: Canva

What few users know is that Canva also offers the option of mind map, which maintains the same quality as other resources. You can create a blank design or take advantage of the various ready-made templates, already with a color scheme and shapes chosen for you to just fill with text and change as you wish.

5. Diagrams.net

A little less known than the previous ones, Diagrams.net is capable of generating professional-looking flows after a few minutes of configuration. The service offers quite a variety of tools, in an interface that resembles that of Google applications. It is not in Portuguese, but it has graphic menus that are easy to identify.

Diagrams.net.Diagrams.net.Source: Diagrams.net

One of the benefits of Diagrams.net is that you create a reference file on a cloud storage service before you even start your project. This way, it will always be stored in a safe place and will be saved frequently.

6. Mindomo

Mindomo is another mind mapping service with a variety of tools for creating graphic structures. In the free version, it allows the creation of three maps per profile, with real-time collaboration.

The Mindomo.The Mindomo.Source: Mindomo

Its main features are the possibility to create terms with hashtags (#) that act as filters, making it easier for you to separate completed tasks from those in progress, for example. Apart from the online version, it still operates on desktop and mobile applications.

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