6 Simple Ways To Set Up Money For You That Is Very Hard To Save

Saving is a positive activity and has many benefits. In addition to familiarizing yourself with frugality, the results of the savings can also be used as an emergency fund that can be used at any time. However, there are still people who find it difficult to get used to saving. Maybe that intention has already arisen, but it always runs aground in the middle of the road because it can’t stand the temptation. Like spending money to hunt for discounts.

Well, if by chance you are one of the types of people who are difficult to get used to saving, it’s good to see the article below. It turns out that there are six simple ways that can help you to routinely set aside money or save. Do not believe? Try to see first one by one, and do not forget while practicing, yes!

1. Prepare a unique and attractive piggy bank

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First find the container or piggy bank. You can buy it at the store or make it yourself from used cake cans. Choose the shape and color that appeals to you. For example piggy bank shaped pigs, cats or dogs. No need to be too big, first start with a cute little piggy bank. So you can save more every day.

2. Give writing on a piggy bank in the form of motivation or your goal to save

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Stick the writing on a piece of paper on the body of your piggy bank. Make your motivational words or goals raise this money. For example, you want to buy the latest mobile phone by setting aside money in the piggy bank.

With a clear sentence of motivation and purpose for what you are saving, it will indirectly encourage you to regularly set aside money. Yes, of course so that that wish can be realized soon huh!

3. Make a period of how long you want to collect the money

6 Simple Ways To Set Up Money For You That Is Very Hard To Savepexels / Luke

Target how long you want to collect money. Indeed for beginners do not immediately save too long. Because to avoid that you are not tempted to take more money.

For example, you want to buy a new bag, the money is less than Rp. 100,000, rather than waiting, it’s better to take it from the piggy bank. Ouch, after a long time can be drained deh savings. So set a time to open the results of your piggy bank. Like two months or 50 days. After that, you may use all of its contents.

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4. Make a reminder memo both on mobile and notes on the table

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So that no days are missed for saving, you can create a reminder alarm on your cellphone or write it down on a piece of paper. Indeed, initially you will depend on these reminders, but eventually will be left alone. Even just not saving a day feels like something is lacking.

But if there really is a day or two missed, you have to exchange it on another day huh! This means that in one day, you must put in more money instead. Remember, you must be faithful with your own commitment!

5. Start with a small fortune first, then increase the nominal

6 Simple Ways To Set Up Money For You That Is Very Hard To Savepexels / Skitterphoto

So that the saving ritual does not feel heavy, you can start with a small nominal. Well, small here is relative and varies from one person to another, yes. If for you Rp 100,000 is a little, you can start with the nominal every day.

Later, if you are used to saving money, you can double up every time you put in money. Just imagine, in just one month how much money can you collect? Very interesting right!

6. Leave the savings money to people you trust

6 Simple Ways To Set Up Money For You That Is Very Hard To Savepexels / cottonbro

If you are afraid of being tempted by faith to take back money that is already housed in a piggy bank, you can ask someone close to you for help. You do this by leaving the piggy bank on your mother, father, brother or sister. Anyway anyone who you really trust and may not lie to you.

By leaving the savings money to one of them, you will think again when you want to ask for it back before it’s time. So your money will be safe until the deadline specified!

Turns out it’s not difficult right to get used to saving? Most importantly, this intention must start from yourself, not because of coercion from others. Believe me, once saving becomes your habit, putting aside more money will not feel heavy anymore. How, ready to save from tomorrow?

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