6 series similar to The Mandalorian for science fiction fans

The Mandalorian, a series produced by streaming Disney + and which takes place within the universe Star Wars, is returning for its 2nd season, with the premiere scheduled for Friday (30) in the catalog of the Disney streaming platform. And the return to the new season is leaving the show with a lot of hype (no wonder)!

New season The Mandalorian at Disney Plus

In the new episodes, the series should show a little more about the history of Darksaber, which appeared in the hands of Moff Gideon. In addition, fans will be able to follow a little more of Din Djarin and the cute Baby Yoda, as the mandalorian bounty hunter must protect the little creature.

Season 2 will bring new names to the cast, like Rosario Dawson, who will play the character Katan Kryze. Besides her, Michael Biehn, Temuera Morrison, Timothy Olyphant and Sasha Banks will also appear in the new season.

Series similar to The Mandalorian

The science fiction genre is one of television’s biggest hits. Space travel, aliens, interstellar wars and the like have been in the public eye for years. Because of this, there are many options for serials within these sci-fi realities.

Thinking about it and inspired by the return of The Mandalorian, Minha Série decided to bring another 6 science fiction series similar to the production of Disney Plus.

(Source: DIsney / Reproduction)Source: Disney

To start the list, let’s continue in the universe of Star Wars. If you liked the Disney + series and are a fan of a good cartoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a great option for you.

The series follows the adventures of jedis Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. The 2003 version was a huge success, with three seasons and the brilliant mind of Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Samurai Jack.

The success also yielded a revival that is available on Disney streaming and has seven seasons.

(Source: HBO Max / Reproduction)(Source: HBO Max / Reproduction)Source: HBO Max

The new series of streaming HBO Max is a full plate when it comes to science fiction and social criticism. The series has a much heavier style and androids much more realistic than The Mandalorian, being a good option for fans of sci-fi style.

Raised By Wolves tells the story of two androids who are responsible for caring for and raising baby humans on a desert planet. The series brings heavy reflections on topics such as the importance of parents and fanaticism in religion.

(Source: Amazon Prime Video / Playback)(Source: Amazon Prime Video / Playback)Source: Amazon Prime Video

The Expanse is a series that migrated from Syfy, the classic science fiction channel, to Amazon Prime Video. The series takes place in a future in which humanity colonized the Solar System and tells the story of the investigation of the disappearance of a young woman, who ends up joining a serious detective and a rogue pilot for a space adventure in search of answers.

(Source: Syfy / Reproduction)(Source: Syfy / Reproduction)Source: Syfy

Another Syfy series on the list and this time it’s Canadian Killjoys. The series follows a trio of interplanetary bounty hunters who are working for an independent faction, which claims to be impartial in the political affairs of each region.

As The Mandalorian, the program manages to make a good mix between comic style and the adrenaline of space adventures.

5. Firefly

(Source: Fox / Reproduction)(Source: Fox / Reproduction)Source: Fox

Is there anything more science fiction than space cowboys? I think not. Firefly tells the story of a crew that seeks to survive while venturing through unknown regions of the galaxy. To do this, The Serenity team needs to fight criminal factions and local authorities. The series is a typical western without laws in outer space. Produced by Fox in the 2000s, the program is available on Hulu.

(Source: Netflix / Playback)(Source: Netflix / Playback)Source: Netflix

The already-ended Netflix series is a great option for sci-fi fans to marathon. Just like the Disney Plus series, Altered Carbon accompanies an independent mercenary who needs to solve a life and death mission. The detail: the series takes place in a future in which consciences are digitized and stored, in this way the body becomes only a receptacle for minds.

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