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There have been several quality titles in the RTS genre over the years. See below, 6 RTS games for PC and consoles. Tactical thinking and strategy are required, but agility in guiding troops is also critical. The style is much more widespread on computers, due to the keyboard and mouse aspect, but some standout titles have come out for consoles.

6 RTS games for PC and consoles (Image: Timon Studler/Unsplash)

What are RTS games?

RTS games were immensely successful between the late 90s and early 2000s. It is a genre that deals with creating and optimizing military units. The style has always been much closer to computers, as the keys serve as shortcuts and orders and control of troops by mouse.

There are several titles but with different themes. Although troop conflict is always involved, we can experience the battles of ancient empires, modern empires, even the science fiction of a future with alien races or fantasy.

6. They Are Billions (PS4, Xbox One, Windows)

They Are Billions is a game released in 2019 that offers a parallel universe steampunk. In the game, we are left in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is facing a zombie apocalypse.

What’s left of humanity has banded together in small towns that aim to resist the continual flood of undead monsters that invade the area.

Here, you need to build a colony while trying to allow it to flourish, but you’ll also need to build up enough defenses to fight off the zombie hordes.

With the slightest distraction, a horde of zombies can easily enter the colony, and from there, it’s a tough battle to contain in the area.

5. Minion Masters (Windows, Mac, Xbox One)

In the title, the game mixes the use of cards from your deck and tower defense, with control of the order of attack. The universe is based on fantasy. Minion Masters is a free RTS game that you can play right now.

The cards come to life as a minion to fight enemy forces or try to destroy the tower to win the game. Meanwhile, players are also choosing a hero who has their stats to help out during battle.

Inside the game, you can participate in single battles or even 2v2 confrontations if you want to pair up with another player online or join up with some friends.

4. World in Conflict (Windows, PS3)

Set against a backdrop where the Cold War turned into a Hot War, with Europe and America invaded by the Soviets, World in Conflict puts players in the role of an American commander who takes control of the remnants of the US army to repel the Soviet invaders – first activating the nuclear arsenal and then through a revolutionary force.

World in Conflict it shows players taking control of a small company of units and exerting tactical superiority rather than worrying about building orders and the like. The game puts you at the forefront of combat.

3. Rise of Nations (Windows, Mac)

It might even look like a copy of Age of Empires, but Rise of Nations took the classic RTS to another level. The game offers a persistent campaign that allows you to conquer the ever-evolving world.

Every decision that is made counts for or against absolute victory as advances happen through the ages, from prehistory to the modern age. When we get tired of melee-based conflicts in a classic RTS, Rise of Nations is a great option.

2. Age of Empires II (Windows, Mac, PS2)

It’s an old game, yes, but with the mechanics that made RTS a rage over the years. Its remastered version has just been released and homesick players are competing online.

Age of Empires II is the widely acclaimed sequel to the first Age of Empires and takes place in medieval Europe. The campaigns that enable the liberation of France like Joan of Arc, the rise of Barbarossa and the conquests of Genghis Khan across Europe and the Middle East.

We can’t forget the fantastic multiplayer that gave rise to the “wololo” meme for priests conversions.

1. StarCraft II and StarCraft (Windows, Mac)

Why am I talking about the 2 together? Well, it’s important to remember that Starcraft original and its expansion Brood War, together, were the best competitive game of all time, surpassing all other titles in popularity. It was so popular that it was often shown on TV across South Korea.

O Starcraft II is its modern version, the original game didn’t attract as much attention as its expansion pack, Heart of the Swarm, which includes the addition of many new game mechanics and makes Starcraft II deserving of its position on this list.

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