6 Reasons Why You Never Take Decisions when Being Emotional

When you’re feeling angry, your emotions sometimes become difficult to control. Disappointment makes you dark eyes, and if not immediately muted you might just take action without a second thought.

Therefore, it’s good when emotions are on the top of your head just shut up or be alone. After the annoyance is muffled, then you try to solve the problem carefully. Why is that? Let me understand, this is the reason why you are prohibited from making haphazard decisions when you are controlled by emotions. Remember carefully!

1. When your emotions cannot think clearly

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Unstable emotions make it difficult for you to think clearly. Instead of weighing the words that will be spoken, you just have to talk whatever comes to your mind. So do not be surprised if suddenly you can say harshly when you’re emotional, whereas usually you almost never say those bad words.

2. You are shrouded in anger and give priority to shortcuts

6 Reasons Why You Never Take Decisions when Being Emotionalpexels / Andrea Piacquadio

When your emotion of logic is completely unreliable, because right now your feelings that are injured are becoming more dominant. Therefore, rather than trying to solve problems wisely, you would rather take a shortcut. Anyway, as long as your feelings can improve instantly, everything will be done. Although it can have a bad impact later.

3. There is not enough time to think about the consequences

6 Reasons Why You Never Take Decisions when Being Emotionalpexels / emre keshavarz

Upset makes you rush to take steps, about the consequences of what it will be like now is not important anymore. Your goal now is only to channel explosive emotions. Though it could be because of obeying these emotions, problems that could have been immediately overcome even become worse. Well, what do you do?

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4. Usually you only want to defend yourself and bring down enemies

6 Reasons Why You Never Take Decisions when Being Emotionalpexels / Vera Arsic

It is undeniable when you make decisions based on emotions, it will only benefit yourself. While the way out should be an intermediary. Where both parties no longer feel disadvantaged. If you only want to benefit yourself, it will only cause new problems. Your opponents won’t accept it and this problem will become longer.

5. When your emotions can’t sort out what’s good and bad

6 Reasons Why You Never Take Decisions when Being Emotionalpexels / Masha Raymers

In addition to your decision will only benefit one party, emotions also make it difficult for you to distinguish between good and bad. That’s because your mind and heart are currently out of sync. Yet if you want to catch your breath for a moment, quench your emotions first maybe the way out that you’re looking for is not difficult to find. Therefore, do not want to be enslaved by emotions huh!

6. Of course in the end what remains is only regret

6 Reasons Why You Never Take Decisions when Being Emotionalpexels / Polina Zimmerman

The fruit of your decision to obey emotions is only regret. As a wise man said, rice has become porridge. When everything is done then you realize you have taken the wrong step. If that’s the case, instead of feeling relieved that you are even worse in regret.

Indeed holding back when feeling emotional is not easy. But that does not mean it is impossible to practice. Most importantly you can start with silence and be alone first. Try not to say a word when you’re angry. Undoubtedly, over time you will also get used to controlling your own emotions.

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