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Using an email with a custom domain ends up bringing more credibility to companies, especially when it comes to customer support. However, with the demise of G Suite, many brands found themselves lost. With that in mind, here are some solutions for you who want and need create an email with your own domain, but do not know how to do. Stay here with me. ✌️

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6 options to create an email with your own domain. (Image: Vitor Pádua / Tecnoblog)

First of all, I need to put you in context that the first thing to do is buy and register your company’s own domain or service. Once this is done, then it is possible to configure an email address with the domain purchased. And this is where my tips for options available on the market come in.

There are exclusive services for personalizing emails, as well as domain purchase sites that already offer the integrated solution. Come on:

1. Google Domains

screenshot site google domains
Google Domains allows the creation of up to 100 addresses for the domain purchased. (Image: Reproduction / Google Domains)

With the purchase of a domain by Google Domains, the platform offers the option of email forwarding. Thus, it is possible to create, at no additional cost, up to 100 addresses for the domain purchased.

In this case, the addresses are linked to an existing personal email. Therefore, this option can be very useful for a single person, who can keep track of professional and personal emails in one place.

Now, if you want to invest more, you can use the Google Workspace plan, where each subscription includes email, video calls, calendar, documents and other tools. Plans vary between: Business Starter; Business Standard; and BusinessPlus.

2. Umbler

screenshot site umbler
Umbler offers a free plan with one account per domain and 1GB. (Image: Reproduction / Umbler)

With a free plan, the platform Umbler allows the creation of personalized email, synchronized on Android or iOS mobile, and with features such as calendar, filters, groups and automatic replies.

In the free plan, the user is entitled to 1 GB of space and one account per domain. However, the platform still has a paid plan, which offers from 5 to 50 GB, in addition to sharing calendars, folders and contacts via webmail.

3. Zoho

screenshot site zoho
The Zoho platform’s custom corporate emails feature can be purchased from three plans. (Image: Reproduction / Zoho)

the platform Zoho allows you to create personalized corporate emails with encryption, guaranteed privacy and no ads.

With the tool, you have access to a comprehensive control panel, email retention, mobile sending and migration to the platform.

Zoho has three plans: Mail Lite for a dollar; Workplace for three dollars; and Mail Premium for four dollars. All these values ​​refer to the annual plan.

4. GoDaddy

screenshot site godaddy
There are two subscriptions offered by GoDaddy: the Individual plan and the Team plan. (Image: Playback / GoDaddy)

A GoDaddy is known for its domain purchase service, but the platform also offers a corporate email option.

With the feature it is possible to create an email corresponding to your domain, without advertising, with attachment preview and calendar synchronization. The platform also offers expert support and international standard security.

There are two plans available: Individual with 10 GB of storage; and the Team plan, ideal for promoting interaction among all employees.

5. UOL Host

screenshot site uol host
All plans offered by UOL Host have 12 GB, antivirus scans and AntiSpam feature. (Image: Reproduction / UOL Host)

O UOL Hostin addition to the various services aimed at small and medium-sized companies such as hosting, domain, virtual store, website development and digital marketing, it also has the resource for creating personalized professional email.

There are five plans that vary in value and number of mailboxes that can be created, all with 12 GB, support, AntiSpam feature and antivirus scanner.

6. iCloud

screenshot login icloud
There are three requirements to use the personalized email feature in iCloud. (Image: Playback / iCloud)

If you are an Apple One or iCloud+ subscriber, have your own domain and enable Apple ID two-factor authentication, then you can create a personalized email in your iCloud.

In the feature, you can have up to five custom domains, with up to three addresses per domain. In addition, the feature allows you to use the custom address in the Mail app on devices signed in with Apple ID and with iCloud Mail enabled, as well as in apps: Messages; FaceTime; and Calendar.

Is there another platform you use and recommend? Leave your suggestion there TB community. 😄

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