6 Love and Grief Have a Large Family

Family is the most important part of our lives. Most people are fortunate enough to be born into a nuclear family complete with fathers, mothers and siblings. Many also have grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, sisters-in-law, and nieces. Anyway, it’s busy!

Having a big family like that is certainly fun. They all must love you and you love them. However, besides joy, there is also the disadvantage of having a large family, you know. The following six points, for example, you who have a large family must have felt!

1. You won’t lack love

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First, having a large family will make you not lack love. Your core family will love you, plus love from all your other families. If your family consists of twenty people, you have twenty people who are ready to give love!

Being surrounded by many people who love you can make your life easier. When you have trouble doing college work, for example, your smart cousin might be able to teach you. When you want to find a job, your aunt who is the director might be able to help. Really fun, right?

2. Practicing social skills

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Social skills are very important things you have. Not only so you can have lots of friends, but so you can have good relationships with people from various backgrounds. That can be very vital for your career and other areas of your life.

Well, having a large family can give you a golden opportunity to practice social skills. Your extended family must be of various ages. Maybe there are tribes or even different religions. Therefore, chatting with them will definitely improve your social skills as well.

3. Get lots of knowledge and knowledge

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Your knowledge and knowledge can increase when you associate with your extended family. Most likely, your grandfather, grandmother, uncle, and aunt have higher knowledge than you. Your cousin or brother-in-law can be the same. That’s a big advantage because you can learn a lot from all of them.

Of course, you can also draw many things from the experience and wisdom of your family, especially older ones. Hanging out with peers is fun, but they don’t necessarily have wisdom. Hence, it is clear that having a large family has many advantages.

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4. If you don’t like crowds, maybe you feel uncomfortable when a large family gathering

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How big your family will usually be most felt during family gathering moments, for example during holidays. For many people, the moment is very exciting and fun. However, if you’re the type of introvert who doesn’t like crowds, it may be that it feels uncomfortable.

Of course that does not mean you do not love your family or do not want to meet them. However, the name is an introvert, of course the feelings of the heart cannot lie. Hmmm, apparently having a large family is not good, too.

5. I was so big, sometimes I didn’t even remember my own family name. Gosh!

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Moment awkward can also be created when a family gathering. You met one of your family members, but you forgot the name. In fact, lest you forget who it is! “Looks like cousins, but which cousins?” so maybe you thought to yourself.

Once again, it is not a sign of not caring or not caring. Forgetting is natural, especially if you really don’t see each other. But, of course it feels awkward. Want to say hello, but forget the name. Want to ask anything feels reluctant for fear of being considered arrogant to forget your own family. Ouch, that’s a dilemma!

6. Sometimes, there are just nosy family members

Exciting, but Sometimes Bete! These 6 Joys Have a Large Family freepik / seventyfour

Other awkwardness can also be created when meeting with family members who are rarely found. At that time, there could be confusion Chat about what. Finally, there arises classic preamble questions that can be upsetting, for example “when will you graduate?” or “when to get married?”

Sometimes, such questions arise not for lip service, but because they are curious. Duh, I want to explain that such questions are not motivating, but rather burdening. Indeed, sometimes hanging out with large families requires extra patience!

That’s the six ups and downs that are often felt by people who have large families. Are you included If yes, just enjoy the ups and downs. Remember that family is the most valuable treasure. So, even though there are grief, surely the joy is much greater!

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