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It’s like they say: “Whoever sings his evils amazes”. Enjoying a song is very good for the soul, but not everyone has room for those videoke devices that were popular years ago. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list with 6 karaoke apps available for both Android and iOS users. Check it out below!

It’s possible to turn your smartphone into a karaoke machine (Image: Unsplash / Bruce Mars)

1. StarMaker

StarMaker app (Image: Tecnoblog)

For those looking for a varied music selection, StarMaker can be an interesting karaoke app option. There are dozens of artists, from Cradle of Filth to Marília Mendonça, all presenting lyrics to the user’s singing.

It is possible to set effects for your voice, in addition to using many original songs for the game. If the person wants, there are options to sing just the chorus or skip long intros to get right into the singing. There is an active community where you can share your performances.

2. Smule

Smule app (Image: Tecnoblog)

Offering a relatively simple layout, Smule features over 10 million songs from different genres ranging from pop to funk. The karaoke interface displays the lyrics clearly while the sound plays clearly.

On the other hand, the free version offers a very small amount of songs, forcing the user to sing in recordings with other people. Only by subscribing to the VIP version, hit songs are released, in addition to removing ads. It ends up being more interesting for those who want to sing often.

3. Karaoke Brazil

Karaoke App
Karaoke Brazil App (Image: Tecnoblog)

Probably the simplest karaoke app on this list, Karaoke Brasil offers a multitude of songs all directly from YouTube. Yes, basically the app connects to some video on the internet and allows the user to sing and record their performance of the chosen track.

There is no secret and no clear way of monetization. Everything is free and your entries can be saved directly in the app. If your intention is for fun or more casual use, then you will find exactly that here. The version presented in this list is exclusive to Android, but there is a similar app for iOS owners.

4. WeSing

WeSing app (Image: Tecnoblog)

WeSing allows users all over the world to perform real-time duets of famous and obscure songs. There are thousands of tracks to choose from for all tastes, even if it’s not so easy to find your favorite artists.

Also, every prank in this karaoke app can be recorded. There are options for visual and audio filters to make everything more personalized. Lastly, the user can spend real money to send digital gifts to friends and artists.

5. Kanto – Sing and share

Kanto app
Kanto app (Image: Tecnoblog)

With an interface similar to the other options on this list, the Kanto app has thousands of free songs available to the user in its library. Everything is divided by categories and even allows the person to record the video and voice of their performance to later share in the community and social networks.

A noteworthy feature of this karaoke app is the score that appears during participation. That way, you can see if the rhythm used is in line with the song. For wrestling fans, this can be quite appealing.

6.Midifun Karaoke

karaoke app
Midifun Karaoke app (Image: Tecnoblog)

Exclusive to Android phones, Midifun can be used both offline and online. Its presentation is simple and straightforward, but offers little in the way of community, competition, or even variety. It is extremely necessary to use the search part of the app, as the songs are presented in alphabetical order and not by categories or artists.

Otherwise, everything works fine, even without offering scores or recordings. It’s mainly for a casual use of someone who just wants to sing, without caring about style or customization. If it doesn’t require much, you might have fun with Midifun.

With so many karaoke app options available, you no longer have an excuse to just sing in the shower. Which of these apps did you already know? Do you have any to suggest?

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