6 Important Things about Minus Glasses That Turn Out to Be a Myth

Having a minus eye (especially when the minus is big enough) does require you to use glasses, or contact lenses if you don’t have glasses. It is uncomfortable, but you will have to use it for a long time and inevitably have to use it in order to see with focus. Because it’s already a minus, you also often avoid things that are said to worsen the minus of your eyes.

But wait, the things that you have believed can worsen eye problems is it true? Or is it just a myth? Reporting from various sources, there are six main points about minus glasses that are generally believed by people, even though it is just a myth. Read carefully!

1. Often loose glasses even make the eyes more and less

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Apparently the information was wrong, you know. According to ophthalmologists, minus a person’s eyes will not be affected by how often he takes off his glasses. Increased minus the size of the eye is due to hereditary and environmental factors.

A fairly large increase usually occurs during growth because at that time the eye is not stable. So, if your eyes get tired and want to take off your glasses for a moment, just take them off.

2. Frequency of wearing glasses makes the eyes more minus

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If the first point turns out to be a myth, what about the second point? Various studies have shown that there is no correlation between the amount of minus a person’s eyes with the intensity of the use of glasses. The function of glasses is to help regulate visibility for people with eye disorders, also to stay relaxed and not tired.

3. Reading too closely makes the eyes less and worse

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For those of you who have been wearing glasses since the age of children or teenagers, surely know about this, right? Your parents will definitely forbid reading books or watching television too closely for reasons dangerous to the eyes.

It turns out that is not true. Reading too closely cannot cause or worsen eye problems, but it’s best not to read too closely because your eyes will work harder and get tired.

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4. The less your eyes get bigger when reading with less light

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Hayo confess, all this time you also believe this, right? It turns out it’s not right, you know. The fact is reading with less lighting can not damage the eyes. Just imagine, long time ago before there was electricity and lights, people read with candles. That does not necessarily make their eyes all minus, right?

5. Trying someone else’s glasses makes you catch a minus

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Trying it won’t turn out to be a problem for your eyes. Minus can not be transmitted, you know! If you feel dizzy when trying on other people’s glasses, even thick ones, that’s perfectly normal. Your eye muscles will try to adjust the focus so you feel dizzy.

If so, just let it go. Do not use for too long. When your eyes can adjust the focus of the glasses, when released they will adjust the focus to normal conditions again. Now, this confusion of your eyes can put your eyes at risk of being minus.

6. Minus eyes can be cured

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There is no evidence yet that the minus eye can be cured. If you have heard of LASIK, it is a corneal surgery to remove minuses and cylinders in the eye, and can only be done in adulthood when the development of the eyeball stops.

However, it turns out that this method can only cure within a certain timeframe. After that, users of the LASIK method will again need glasses because of many factors.

Now, you already know that the things that you believe so far aren’t true, right? So do not accept outright what people say and what is in the upload random on the internet, it’s better to ask directly to the doctor. From now on don’t be mistaken again.

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