6 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain, You Should Avoid

During menstruation, some women experience an increase in appetite. It’s fine if you eat more. Nevertheless, it does not mean you can just eat. Because, some types of food can worsen stomach pain that is usually experienced during menstruation.

Well, so that the pain you feel is not getting worse. Make sure you avoid these foods during your period.

1. Foods high in sugar

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By page Livestrong, consumption of foods high in sugar during menstruation can interfere with the body’s natural blood sugar levels. This can cause intense mood swings and body tension, which can trigger menstrual pain that is getting worse.

Conversely, limiting or even avoiding high-sugar foods during menstruation will help stabilize moods and even reduce cramps.

2. Fried foods

6 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain, You Should AvoidUnsplash.com/Tareq Ismail

During menstruation, make sure you avoid fried foods, such as donuts, french fries, crispy chicken, and the like. Because, according to research from University of North Carolina published in Journal of Nutrition, fried foods can actually cause inflammation, which may be related to increased pain during menstruation. In addition, you can reduce menstrual cramps by choosing fat-free snacks.

3. Dairy products

6 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain, You Should Avoidunsplash.com/Nikolai Chernichenko

Too much consumption of milk-based products, such as cheese, ice cream, and yogurt during menstruation can cause menstrual cramps to get worse. In fact, quoted from the page Healthline, milk can cause bloating, frequent bowel movements, and diarrhea, which can make the stomach more uncomfortable.

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4. Red meat

6 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain, You Should Avoidunsplash.com/Sven Brandsma

According to research in the journal Gynecological Endocrinology, consumption of red meat during menstruation can make menstrual cramps more intense. Moreover, because red meat usually contains saturated fat, eating fatty red meat can cause inflammation in the body that triggers cramps.

Instead, eat fish that contain good oils during menstruation, such as salmon, because these fish are filled with healthy nutrients the body needs.

5. Foods high in salt

6 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain, You Should Avoidunsplash.com/kazuend

In addition to cramps, some women also experience bloating and water retention during menstruation. Consumption of foods high in sodium can increase bloating and discomfort that already exists.

By page Bustle, some women report a decrease in discomfort when reducing sodium intake during menstruation. Therefore, try to stay away from foods high in salt during menstruation, such as chips, french fries, fast food, and canned foods.

6. Alcohol

6 Foods That Can Exacerbate Menstrual Pain, You Should Avoidminibarglasgow.co.uk

By page The New York Times, Alcohol consumption in women can cause prolonged menstrual pain and worsen PMS symptoms. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol consumption starting from a few days before menstruation and during menstrual periods.

So, to reduce menstrual pain, make sure you avoid the above foods during menstruation.

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