6 Enchanted Dream Kitchen White with Wooden Flooring

White kitchens are often considered easy to get dirty and boring. However, many advantages of all-white kitchen in terms of visual. Starting from not easily timeless, easy to mix and match with any model, to maintain the mood keep calm.

For you who already plan to have a minimalist white kitchen, let’s look at some white kitchen ideas combined with super charming wooden floors and should be called a dream kitchen.

1. All-white kitchen that sparkles


The first all-white kitchen that you can copy looks sparkling and elegant thanks to the presence stainless steel on kitchen equipment and utensils. Rows of three crystal chandeliers emphasize the effect of sparkle in this white domination room. Gray wood floors become the finishing touches that perfect the kitchen look both comfortable and elegant.

2. White kitchen with subway tile

6 Enchanted Dream Kitchen White with Wooden Flooring veranda.com

Use subway tile white kitchen walls are the first aspect that will attract everyone’s attention. Pattern subway tile look complementary to the pattern of wood floors in a modern style kitchen. The addition of natural elements such as flowers and greenery makes this kitchen look even fresher and more charming. Pattern subway tile this is known as a classic style touch typical of major city stations in America and England.

3. White kitchen with white hardwood floors

6 Enchanted Dream Kitchen White with Wooden Flooring freshome.com

The next kitchen represents a white kitchen in the real sense. All aspects and elements of the kitchen using white, including wood floors. Sunlight entering through two large windows in the kitchen is useful to strengthen the impression of clean, bright, and airy. The white color used is more inclined to soft white color which is far from sterile. Look at how the crystal chandelier is the center of attention. You can feel the beautiful and feminine impression of this kitchen, right?

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4. Variations in traditional white kitchen design with a modern twist

6 Enchanted Dream Kitchen White with Wooden Flooring hgtv.com

There are some interesting things from this all-white kitchen. Aka cabinet door kitchen cabinet with X-shaped elements is a traditional touch. Meanwhile, modern elements are brought by range hood super big from material stainless steel on the dining table.

The wooden floor used is an interesting aspect that deserves attention. In terms of color, the dark color on the wooden floor looks very contrast with white as the dominant color. In addition, the diagonal pattern of the wooden floor gives a unique touch that makes it look more charming. Obviously, far from being boring!

5. A refined modern minimalist style

6 Enchanted Dream Kitchen White with Wooden Flooring hgtv.com

The shape and design of a straight and clean kitchen with minimal decor stated that this all-white kitchen carries a modern minimalist style. White-dominated kitchens never fail to form an airy impression if you have a small-sized kitchen. All utensils and cooking utensils are hidden behind kitchen cabinets and are not spread on the table. Modern minimalist style in the kitchen looks smooth and smooth thanks to the use of white in all cabinets as well finishing Light and soft wooden floors. This is what solidifies the neat and airy impression of a modern minimalist kitchen.

6. Scandinavian touches in white kitchen

6 Enchanted Dream Kitchen White with Wooden Flooring realhomes.com

Create a Scandinavian style all-white kitchen using wood elements and black accent colors. The combination of warm wood flooring and dominant white color with super neat arrangement of equipment is actually more than enough to create Scandinavian style. The kitchen looks more charming with the addition of black accents and wood furniture that has a color similar to the color of the floor.

There is always a way to get around the white kitchen is not boring. Combining all-white kitchen interiors with wooden floors is an effective way to break the boredom. However, wood floors in the kitchen are known to require high-maintenance.

If you do not want to bother, you can choose a ceramic floor with wood motifs. Visual effects produced are not much different. Are you ready to pick and choose the floor motif you want for your dream kitchen?

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