6 digital accounts offering loan

Borrowing money from conventional banks is often a slow and bureaucratic process. For those who want to escape the requirements and have the amounts released faster, digital banks appear as an alternative, and may even bring reduced rates in some cases.

Operated exclusively by cell phone, digital accounts offer a range of services. From payments to transfers, through deposits, PIX, withdrawals, credit cards and investments, many fintechs also provide personal loans to customers.

Not sure where to find this service? Discover, below, 6 digital accounts that offer loans, which can be requested by smartphone.

1. Nubank

Nubank Loan.Source:  Nubank/Disclosure

Available to some customers, Nubank’s personal loan offers values ​​starting at R$30 and the possibility of payment in up to 24 installments. The interest rate varies depending on some factors, such as the amount of installments and the desired amount.

The entire hiring process is done through the app, where you can also simulate the operation and find out the exact amount to be paid at the end. Nubank also offers a proportional discount for those who anticipate installments.

Do you have the function available? Just tap the loan button in the app and check the pre-approved limit. Then, you must select the desired amount, inform the number of installments and choose the date of the first payment, which can be up to 90 days after contracting. The money goes into Nubank’s account right away.

2. PicPay

PicPay Loan.PicPay Loan.Source:  PicPay/Disclosure

Borrowing money to pay off debts, take a trip, invest in studies or buy something you want is also available on PicPay’s digital account. The service is offered to pre-approved users and depends on a credit analysis carried out in partnership with Banco Original.

Values ​​and amount of installments vary according to the analysis, but those interested can make a simulation through the app to check all the conditions, in advance. Like Nubank, fintech offers a discount in case of early payment.

Applying for a loan on PicPay is something you can do in the “Wallet” option of the app, remembering that the company asks for a photo of the user at the time of hiring, in some cases, for security reasons.

3. Interbank

Interbank LoanInterbank LoanSource:  Inter/Reproduction Bank

At Inter, there is the granting of payroll-deductible loans, with payroll discount, including lower interest rates and without consulting the SPC and Serasa. However, only a few specific customers can apply for credit, such as retirees, pensioners and government employees.

There is also a loan with a property guarantee, for those who do not meet the above requirements, and an exclusive modality for legal entities seeking money to invest in their businesses. The simulation of the Banco Inter loan can be done in the app and on the company’s website.

4. Next

Next Bank Loan.Next Bank Loan.Source:  Next Bank/Disclosure

Bradesco’s digital account customers have three types of credits available, each one to meet different objectives. One of them is the personal loan, with the possibility of installments in up to 48 installments and payment debited from the account itself.

Those looking for a longer time to pay off the loan have installment credit as the best alternative, with an option to pay within 72 months. The digital account also offers the advance of the 13th salary, paid in a single installment.

All these loans offered by Next undergo credit analysis and the simulation can be done in the bank’s app.

5. Paid Market

Paid Market Loan.Paid Market Loan.Source:  Paid Market/Disclosure

Users of the Mercado Livre digital wallet have at their disposal the Mercado Crédito, a pre-approved credit line that can be used for personal loans, bill payments, online shopping and other operations, with up to 12 installments.

A specific loan is also offered to those who sell through the Free Market, as long as the interested party meets some minimum requirements. Having a good reputation on the platform and a positive payment history in Mercado Credit are some of them.

Simulations and online loan requests can be made in the Mercado Pago app. The money is immediately released into the digital account, for those who have the service available.

6. PagBank

PagBank Loan.PagBank Loan.Source:  PagBank/Disclosure

Money borrowed from PagSeguro’s digital account is an option offered to individuals and companies that sell through the platform. The benefit is for pre-approved customers, alerted by SMS, email or in-app notification.

According to the company, the fees charged are lower than those of conventional banks and the release occurs within one business day after confirmation. Payment can be made within 12 months.

Orders go through a credit analysis and, as with the other options, the request is made online, without the need to go to a bank branch.

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