5 Ways to Take Care of the Female Area So that Health is Maintained & Odorless

Maintaining the health and freshness of the vagina is very important for every woman. Basically, the level of vaginal acidity has been maintained by good bacteria Lactobacillus acidophilus.

These bacteria often dispel fungal growth and prevent vaginal infections. However, there are still many women who experience problems in this organ to come various kinds of complaints such as odor, itching, sagging caused by fungus.

Therefore, it helps you to do some simple maintenance in order to maintain health in the intimate area. Let’s find out!

1. Clean the vagina with antiseptic fluid


To clean the vagina, you can use water that has been mixed with antiseptic fluid. Choose an antiseptic solution intended specifically for your female organs.

Avoid using soap, both liquid and bar. This soap can reduce the pH of vaginal acidity.

But, you need to know if in fact, the vagina has adapted to clean the area by itself. In fact, you don’t need to mix it with other cleaners.

You can also wash your vagina more than once so that the vagina can remain fragrant. Remember, every woman is different! If you experience irritation when using antiseptic soap, you should look for nonallergic soap so that it remains safe to use.

2. The choice of cotton underwear

5 Ways to Take Care of the Female Area So that Health is Maintained & Odorlesswww.pexels.com/Tofros.com

Use cotton underwear to keep the vagina moist. Cotton is said to be the safest and ideal material for underwear.

Basically, cotton has a soft and thin texture. Avoid using synthetic materials, such as nylon, polyester, silk, or rubber because these materials tend to interfere with air circulation in the vaginal area. The wrong choice of underwear material triggers the growth of fungus faster.

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3. Wash the vagina in the right way

5 Ways to Take Care of the Female Area So that Health is Maintained & Odorlesshealthcare.utah.edu

When washing or rinsing the vagina to be clean, can not be careless, you know! You should know to clean the vagina properly, which starts from front to back and not vice versa.

This is done to avoid bacterial contamination. Even more so when you are menstruating. Cleaning the vagina must be right so that bacteria do not stick to the vaginal walls.

4. Consultation with medical experts about vaginal health

5 Ways to Take Care of the Female Area So that Health is Maintained & OdorlessIDN Times / Syarifah Noer Aulia

According to the beauty doctor at Youth & Beauty, dr. Gaby Syerly, there are still very few women who care about vaginal health. In general, women assume that the vagina is cleaned enough with water only.

In fact, knowing all the information for basic vaginal care is important. You can check yourself about vaginal problems that you experience. Do not underestimate because just one problem can cause a variety of complaints.

For example, if vaginal discharge occurs, immediately check the color of the liquid or mucus. If it’s still yellowish white, it’s still natural, but when it’s yellow or even green, it’s worth watching out for.

5. Use natural ingredients to clean the vagina

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Not only special vaginal antiseptics, you can also use natural ingredients such as essential oils, yogurt, vitamin C, apple vinegar, garlic, and coconut oil. All of these ingredients are able to ward off fungal growth in the female area.

Well, that’s a simple treatment that you can do yourself at home! As women, we must realize that maintaining personal hygiene, especially the intimate part is very important!

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