5 Ways to Get Grants for Tuition, Not Just a Scholarship!

Education is a basic need that is very important to be able to support a bright future. Unfortunately, the cost of being able to get standard education is often an obstacle because it is fairly expensive.

However, do you know if there is actually a way to get funding in education costs? Well, here are some of them.

1. Education savings and education insurance

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Educational savings is a banking product that has provisions for the amount of funds and interest that have been determined as a plan for saving education in the medium or long term.

Meanwhile, education insurance is a financial product in the form of unit link insurance that is not guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) so that its value can go down and up depending on the value of the stock market.

From this understanding, it can be said that both of these methods require considerable time and prepare for long-term preparation. Therefore, these two things can be a way to provide tuition fees for your child later.

2. Educational funds provided by the university

5 Ways to Get Grants for Tuition, Not Just a Scholarship!Pexels / Pixabay

Some universities generally provide educational funding for every student who needs it. This facility is an advantage that can be obtained for students who have financial conditions below the level of capable. It’s just that this assistance is a service bond so that after graduating you must immediately work at the sponsor’s place.

3. Unsecured Loans (KTA)

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5 Ways to Get Grants for Tuition, Not Just a Scholarship!unsplash / Stephen Phillips

Unsecured Loans or KTA is an effort to obtain education costs in the form of loans without having to provide collateral for an asset that you have. However, because there is no guarantee the interest rate is usually quite high at 4 percent per month. Well, if you want to take advantage of this one way, make sure that you are truly committed and disciplined in paying installments every month.

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4. Scholarship

5 Ways to Get Grants for Tuition, Not Just a Scholarship!Pexels / Ekrulila

Scholarships are one of the most common choices that are usually sought by everyone to get education funding. However, please note that to get a scholarship there are certain conditions, such as having a pretty good grade, doing well at school, and even having a scholarship that requires applicants to take the selection test first.

If categorized based on the source, this scholarship will be divided into five, namely college scholarships, government institution scholarships, private scholarships, educational foundation scholarships, and non-formal scholarships or scholarships that come from activists / donors.

5. Investment

5 Ways to Get Grants for Tuition, Not Just a Scholarship!Pixabay / nattanan23

The last way is to invest in property and gold instruments. Both of these investment values ​​are very suitable for you who want to make a profit because the value always increases. It’s just that this investment is a long-term savings so if you want to get a profit you have to wait for quite a long time.

Well, you already know how to get funding for tuition fees. So, if you really want to continue your education to a higher level, prepare yourself from now on. If you want to get a scholarship, don’t forget to keep studying, try hard, and never give up.

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