5 Ways to Download YouTube Audio with Simple Modifications

Downloading YouTube audio for offline listening is possible with a few simple tricks, even though the platform doesn’t natively offer this option for free. There are several websites that allow you to download clips without the need to install any programs, transferring the files to your device quickly.

With these online tools you can download audio from a lecture posted on the service, for example, to listen to on the way home from work or while traveling. You can also download podcasts, classes, tutorials, radio programs and music, including from other sites (SoundClound, Vimeo etc), to listen whenever you want.

It is noteworthy that subscribers of YouTube Premium, a paid version of the platform, are able to download available audios and videos without having to resort to other alternatives. But if you don’t have a subscription and need the contents saved on the internal storage, you can use one of the five ways to download YouTube audio below.

1. Y2mate

Download by Y2mate.Source:  Y2mate/Reproduction

One of the most popular online services for downloading YouTube audio, Y2mate transfers the contents for free to your computer, offering the possibility of converting them to MP3, MP4 and various formats. It also downloads videos and is compatible with more platforms (Dailymotion, Facebook and others).

Content URL modification for faster downloads.Content URL modification for faster downloads.Source:  Y2mate/Reproduction

Just go to Y2mate’s website, copy the content’s YouTube address, paste the link into the specific field and click “Start”. Then choose your preferred format and wait for the transfer to complete. Another option is to type “PP” after the word “YouTube” in the URL, as in the example above, press “Enter” and download directly in the browser.

2. Snappea

Download from Snappea.Download from Snappea.Source:  Snappea/Reproduction

Another interesting option for extracting sounds, Snappea makes it easy to download audio and video from YouTube in the browser, without requiring the installation of any software on your desktop or notebook. There is also no need to create an account and transfers and conversions are unlimited.

Found the desired content on Google’s video service? Click on the address bar, copy and paste the link into the Snappea website search field. Now, press “Browse”, select the audio format from the options shown (you can also view the file size) and click “Download” to convert the videos to MP3.

3. Savefrom.net

Fastest way to download.Fastest way to download.Source:  Savefrom.net/Reproduction

Like Y2mate, it also offers the possibility to download YouTube audio just by modifying the URL, directly on the Google platform website. In this case, the user must add the letters “ss” before the word “YouTube” in the default content address to open the transfer functionality (see the example in the photo above).

Downloading from the Savefrom.net website.Downloading from the Savefrom.net website.Source:  Savefrom.net/Reproduction

If for some reason the above alternative does not work, go to Savefrom.net, paste the link of the song or video you want to extract the audio from in the search field and press the “Enter” button. Next, click on “Download”, select the format and wait for the transfer to complete, remembering that the page also downloads video and audio from other sites.

4. Yout

Yout also offers two ways to download.Yout also offers two ways to download.Source:  Yout/Reproduction

With a streamlined interface that avoids confusing the user, Yout also offers two ways to transfer your favorite content to your computer’s internal storage or any other device. The easiest way is to replace “YouTube” in the video service URL with the word “Yout”.

After, press “Enter” on the keyboard, select the “MP3” format for audio, set the quality (low or high) and click “Format shift to MP3” to start the download. If you want, you can also paste the YouTube address into the search field on the YouTube website and perform the procedure there, following the same steps to complete the transfer.

5. YouTubeToMP3APP

Paste the content link and choose the format to initiate the transfer.Paste the content link and choose the format to initiate the transfer.Source:  YouTubeToMP3APP/Reproduction

We’ve come to the end of the list with another link option to download YouTube audio for free, without having to install programs or create accounts. On this page, which can be used in any browser, the user also has the option to transfer content from Facebook and Vimeo, choosing between MP3, M4a and AAC formats.

The mechanism is similar to the others (it also downloads videos), just paste the link to the platform where the content is found in the search bar of the YouTubeToMP3App website, define the format and click on “Convert”. At the end of the process, save the downloaded audio on your cell phone, tablet, notebook or PC and use a player to listen to the sound file.

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