5 values ​​that are attached to a successful person, do you have it?

Many people want success and want to achieve it but forget the crucial things that must be done during the process. Following value attached to successful people, even made him the richest person in the world.

1. Make effective use of 24-hour time


The time that runs 24 hours every day applies to everyone. The difference is only how someone uses that time effectively. Like the grandfather Habibie, a genius who is able to make airplanes and create the theory of Crack.

It turns out that Eyang Habibie in his biography uses his time every day productively. The time used for sleeping for 5 hours, 2 hours for prayer, 1.5 hours reading the letter Yaasiin and tahlil, then 2 hours for swimming and bathing, 3 hours for eating, then the next 3 hours for receiving guests and the rest for 7.5 hours to read or write.

2. Always have 1000 reasons to rise from failure

5 values ​​that are attached to a successful person, do you have it?Instagram / Jackmafoundation

Rising from failure we can learn from the process of Jack Ma becoming a billionaire by establishing Alibaba is not easy. Was rejected 10 times at the dream campus and was not accepted at dozens of jobs. But how many failures befall him, he always has the power to rise.

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3. Obey curiosity by trying it

5 values ​​that are attached to a successful person, do you have it?instagram.com/jeffbezos

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Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com online store since childhood, is a smart and ambitious figure who has a high interest in the field of electronics and technology. This made Jeff graduated with a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University with the title Summa Cum Laude. Jeff Bezos is consistent in encouraging the best use of modern technology.

Amazon’s main principle is to provide the best service for customers because Jeff realizes that the main thing that needs to be considered in running a business. Jezz also believes that anyone can learn anything and anywhere in earnest so that it will be easy to absorb knowledge and apply it in the future.

4. Do not like to waste money but buy as needed

5 values ​​that are attached to a successful person, do you have it?instagram.com/zuck

Warren Buffett, despite being a billionaire, he still applies frugal habits. He never spent more than USD 3.17 or IDR 43,388 for daily breakfast which is enough to buy McDonald’s. His home in the United States is also quite modest, which is worth 0.001 percent of his total wealth and drives a simple car as well.

Some even live a minimalist life by wearing the same clothes every day as well as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. Mark lived a simple life behind his success. He chose a minimalist life in terms of dressing. This is because it reduces the energy to think about the decisions that will be taken in choosing clothes.

5. Their social life is usually very high and most have foundations

5 values ​​that are attached to a successful person, do you have it?instagram.com/thisisbillgates

Bill Gates is the figure behind Microsoft that is used by all laptops and software in the world. No wonder he became one of the richest people in the world. But behind his wealth, Bill Gates also has a high social spirit because sharing is one of the priceless happiness.

Bill Gates and his wife then founded the Bill and Gates Foundation which is the largest charity foundation in the world. This foundation focuses on stopping infectious disease infections throughout the world, including HIV and Malaria. In addition Bill Gates with Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg founded The Giving Pledge to encourage other billionaires to donate for charity purposes.

That’s value owned by successful people that you can copy to follow in his footsteps. Or are you one of the successful people who have the above values?

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