5 Unique Facts of Viral Tiarbah Fried Rice on Twitter, That Moment?

Fried rice is one of Indonesia’s special foods that is loved by many people. In fact, fried rice was once named the most delicious food in the world.

There are many types. Something added seafoodchicken, eggs and other side dishes. Well, recently, there was viral fried rice on social media. The name Tiarbah Fried Rice.

Chef Tiarbah’s fried rice adds beef jerky as a side dish. The name Chef Tiarbah is very well known on Twitter, because they often tweet funny things, to share recipes in his Emergency Cook account.

Later, citizens Twitter talking about the Tiarbah fried rice waiting list-it can take months. What is its uniqueness like? Check out the unique facts below!

1. Starting from Chef Tiarbah’s fried rice stalls which are closed during quarantine


Initially, Chef Tiarbah wanted to eat fried rice at the seller’s pitch. Unfortunately, his favorite shop was closed, because he was in quarantine during the pandemic. Finally, it led to the idea of ​​making his own fried rice.

At that time, Chef Tiarbah was not working for a while from a five-star hotel due to a pandemic. An idea arose to sell his homemade fried rice to the closest person. Now, everyone wants to taste his fried rice which has been sold in various regions.

2. Initially fun, but waiting list-it’s not kidding

5 Unique Facts of Viral Tiarbah Fried Rice on Twitter, That Moment?instagram.com/nasgortiarbah.cimahiskr

In contrast to ordering food normally, you have to do pre order. When opened pre order, will be divided into several batch. Each branch in various cities can receive around 150 servings per batch in just a few minutes.

Not only that, it’s opened too waiting list for those who want to follow batch next. As from June 23, reported by Twitter owned by Tiarbah Fried Rice Surabaya Rungkut received around 500 portions waiting list.

So don’t be surprised if you are pre order now, coming next month. Hurry up Forgot to order? Hehehe…

3. Where are the Tiarbah Fried Rice branches?

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5 Unique Facts of Viral Tiarbah Fried Rice on Twitter, That Moment?twitter.com/tickolatianto

There are around 25 branches throughout Indonesia, namely Belitung, Bandung, Bogor, Setiabudi, Petukangan, Depok, Yogyakarta, Bantul, Semarang, Surabaya, and many others.

Every will open pre order, Tiarbah Fried Rice will share its complete information through its social media branches. If you want to get it pre order slot, follow just the closest social media branch. Well, you also have to turn on notifications so you don’t miss them.

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4. What is the specialty of Chef Tiarbah style Fried Rice Tiarbah?

5 Unique Facts of Viral Tiarbah Fried Rice on Twitter, That Moment?instagram.com/nasgortiarbahbelitung

In contrast to fried rice in general, fried rice uses beef jerky or better known as kere jando. Well, spiced beef jerky will be preserved by drying.

Another uniqueness, fried rice does not use sweet soy sauce. Not surprisingly, the color is whiter with a strong sense of fat jerky. Before serving, sprinkle onion topped. The price of a portion of Rp. 25 thousand.

5. The funny thing is, the emergence of fried rice without soy sauce is causing debate with netizens

5 Unique Facts of Viral Tiarbah Fried Rice on Twitter, That Moment?twitter.com/not_adam_inul

Roadside brother’s fried rice is usually cooked with red onion, white, eggs, vegetables, chili, salt, and soy sauce. Uniquely, Chef Tiarbah’s fried rice does not use sweet soy sauce so that the fat jerky taste is stronger.

Netizens in Twitter even arguing about Chef Tiarbah who doesn’t use soy sauce, you know! Some agree without the addition of soy sauce, because it is his trademark. There are also those who disagree, because the pleasure will multiply if you use soy sauce. Which team are you in?

Well, those are some of the unique facts of Tiarbah Fried Rice that are being viral on social media, especially Twitter. Have you gotten to the slot, haven’t you?

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