5 Tips To Let Your Love Fail Like Junghwan’s ‘Reply 1988’

Fans of the Korean drama “Reply 1988” certainly understand the inner conflict experienced by Kim Junghwan, one of them male lead whose love story is so bitter. Having a crush with a best friend, but at the same time “competing” with other friends is certainly not easy.

That’s what Junghwan experienced. He has a crush on his best friend, Dukseon, who turns out to be also assessed by another friend, Taek. However, in the end Taek managed to win Dukseon’s heart even though Junghwan actually had done a lot of things so that his crush had a crush on him.

But, come to think of it, there were some mistakes made by Junghwan that he failed to get his love. Well, if you don’t want your love to fail and be bitter like Junghwan’s, these 5 tips are really mandatory for you to practice!

1. Don’t make him think about your own behavior towards him


Even though you feel like you have sacrificed and given a lot of things to your crush, but if he hasn’t given a crush signal yet, don’t continue to give the code. Yes, he might be thinking why you do this and that unconditionally to him, but believe that it actually makes him even more dizzy and irritated himself!

Think back, giving a lot of code without giving an explanation is not going to make your PDKT journey develop. You will only move there, just because you keep making him think and you will not immediately give an answer. That’s annoying, you know!

2. Don’t think too long, follow your heart to express that love

5 Tips To Let Your Love Fail Like Junghwan's 'Reply 1988'dramabeans.com

Well, if he has time to ask about your behavior towards him, just be honest with your feelings. State how you feel about it and don’t think about anything first. You won’t regret after saying it!

Don’t be like Junghwan who has kept that feeling for years, but keeps thinking about the right time to express his feelings. Isn’t that torture yourself?

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3. Must be confident if you want to do good to him, at least dare to give a direct gift

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5 Tips To Let Your Love Fail Like Junghwan's 'Reply 1988'dramabeans.com

If you like someone, you should not be proud to do good to him. Usually the person who is having a crush likes to give gifts for his crush. Well, dare yourself to hand it directly to him, do not pass through an intermediary because it actually shows you are not confident about it.

If you have given the gift, again, you should not expect more. Give a gift and be accepted at him directly, of course, certainly makes you happy, right? Suffice it there first. Give him time to grow his feelings.

4. Important! When confessing love don’t be joked!

5 Tips To Let Your Love Fail Like Junghwan's 'Reply 1988'dramabeans.com

Gosh, this is the most infuriating! If you have a crush on someone, you need to be confident and really serious. Surely you want a return of love from him, right? Now, don’t make yourself tormented again by joking around. When expressing feelings of love to him, you must be serious and wholehearted. There is no need to be ashamed or proud because there is nothing to lose here. Even if you get a rejection later, at least he knows that you like him.

In fact, if you make a joke of love, in the future your relationship with him will be more awkward. He might not really think that you like him. Maybe he actually already likes you, but because you are joking he actually withdraws slowly from you. Just don’t be like Junghwan, okay!

5. In essence, you can’t be proud of him. Pepet continues, don’t slack off!

5 Tips To Let Your Love Fail Like Junghwan's 'Reply 1988'dramabeans.com

Yes, the point is you can’t be proud of doing anything in front of him. Stay who you are and when the time comes, express your feelings right away. Don’t delay any more than later regretting it like Junghwan.

Love must be taken seriously, just like if you have ideals. To achieve this you need to fight hard and be confident. Similarly, in matters of love, do not push and pull if you really hope to have an affair with her.

Come on, don’t be another Junghwan in this world! The spirit of chasing after your love, yes!

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