5 Tips to Get Rid of Unworthy Feelings when Trying to Reach Dreams

The challenges that arise when trying to achieve dreams do not only come from outside themselves, but more often come from within. One of them is the emergence of feelings of unworthiness. Yes, feelings of unworthiness often haunt those who lack confidence.

Overconfidence is not good, as is lack of confidence. Well, do you currently feel unworthy and inferior when trying to achieve your dreams? Don’t worry, there are five important tips you can try. Let’s see!

1. Realize that feelings of unworthiness are present for a reason

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Unworthy feelings are not uninvited guests who come for no apparent reason. Yes, that feeling of unworthiness might be present for a reason. What reason? Actually, you alone know the reason. It could be that the feeling of worth arises because there are bad experiences of the past that have not been resolved.

It’s just that, sometimes we refuse to understand the feelings that arise. Recognize and honestly admit the feeling of being unworthy so that you can understand what exactly the intention of its appearance is. After that, try to find a way to make peace with these feelings. Even though it might not be easy, you should still try it for your own good. Agree?

2. Stop talking bad things to yourself

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Feelings of unworthiness will increasingly show themselves if you continue to ‘support’ and let it. Yes, all this time you might not realize that you have ‘supported’ the feeling of being unworthy. For example, by always talking bad things to yourself.

Bad things that you often talk about, especially if you believe strongly will have more potential to become reality in your life. Because, the bad things that we continue to believe in ourselves will be even greater and eventually disrupt the balance in ourselves. Including changing into thought patterns and actions that are not useful, which in turn will also hamper you when you are struggling to reach your dreams. So, don’t let your guard down!

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3. Try to find success stories about those who managed to overcome similar problems with you

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Of the many people who live on earth, surely you are not the only one who feels these unworthy feelings, right? Yes, there may be tens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of people who have experienced something similar to you.

Of the many people who experienced the same thing, there must be among those who managed to overcome the feelings of unworthiness in their own way. Well, you don’t have to follow the way other people do it, because you can adjust which way is most appropriate and convenient for you.

4. It is better to immediately avoid environments that make feelings of unworthiness get stronger

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The environment has a strong influence in shaping one’s self-image. It may be that the feeling of being unworthy is the result of someone else’s thoughts or influence on you. Avoid the environment that is not supportive immediately.

However, if it turns out that the environment that does not support comes from the closest people or your family, then you should first discuss with them carefully so that you can understand each other. That way, later the people closest to you will be an encouragement and advisor when the circumstances are not favorable.

5. Look for positive ways to develop your potential to the maximum

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Another tip you can try is to look for positive ways to develop your potential to the full. Unworthy feelings often arise because they feel insecure about their own abilities.

Therefore, you must try these tips so that you can increase your confidence along with your talents and potential that has been honed. Positive ways that can be done also vary for example by learning from the right books, practice consistently and much more.

So, those are the five tips to get rid of feeling unworthy when trying to achieve your dreams. May be useful!

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