5 Tips on Washing Black Shirts to Be Durable and Not Fade Quickly

Black shirt is a choice for many people, especially men. The black color was chosen because in addition to the neutral color, suitable combined with various types of clothing as well as when we wear black shirts will give an illusion to our bodies becoming thinner and slimmer.

If so far we have been circulating a lot about the treatment of white colored shirts or colored shirts like red, blue, green and so on we also have to know that black colored shirts need special care you know.

On average, black shirts change color because of the wrong way of washing. For that you must listen 5 tips wash black shirts so they don’t change color quickly

1. Separate black shirts with other color shirts

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As well as the instructions we often read on the detergent packaging that we must separate the color of clothes to be washed with other colors, when washing black shirts we also have to separate them. Why do we have to separate them?

The reason is simple, black shirts are generally very easy to fade when washed, if we only wash black shirts, all the faded liquid will be absorbed again by the shirt. But, if we wash it with another color black t-shirt, it will fade the other color t-shirts and will not be re-absorbed by the black t-shirt.

2. Don’t soak it for too long

5 Tips on Washing Black Shirts to Be Durable and Not Fade QuicklyPhoto by Jixiao Huang on Unsplash

Another biggest mistake that is often done is to soak it too long. Hayoo admit who here so often soak the shirt in the afternoon and then washed the next day? Began to avoid well because the faster the washing process that we do the more durable the colors of the shirts we have. Start throwing away the old habit soaking clothes, ok?

3. Avoid machine washing

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5 Tips on Washing Black Shirts to Be Durable and Not Fade QuicklyPhoto by Tina Bosse on Unsplash

Although it seems annoying, but washing manual it actually makes the black shirts last longer you know. Fiber, texture and screen printing will be more easily damaged if we wash it by machine. This is because the pull that occurs when the washing machine is spinning, hehe, well spirit, wash the black t-shirt completely manual

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4. Add vinegar when rinsing

5 Tips on Washing Black Shirts to Be Durable and Not Fade QuicklyPhoto by Bárbara Montavon on Unsplash

Maybe you are wondering why vinegar? Vinegar has many benefits, you know, some of which are vinegar that can make clothing more durable, clean detergent stains that are still attached and also maintain the integrity of fabric fibers. Easy to do, you just need to add vinegar when you want to rinse the clothes a little, okay, not too much, your shirt will be pickled hehehe

5. Wash with cold water

5 Tips on Washing Black Shirts to Be Durable and Not Fade QuicklyPhoto by Imani on Unsplash

Geez don’t laugh yet. You need to know that washing black shirts with hot water will only make the fabric fibers become broken, if the fibers of the fabric break automatically the colors on the shirts will fade faster. This applies to all types of clothing well. While washing a black shirt with cold water will make the color of the shirt more durable. Good cold water temperatures for washing black shirts range from 15.6 to 26.7 degrees Celsius. Hehehe could have guessed how come there is no need to measure it with any thermometer

That was a few tips that you can practice to maintain the durability of the black shirt you have. Although trivial, you must really understand, you know, so that your black shirt doesn’t fade anymore. Have a try yaaa …

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