5 Tips on telling Online Shopping, Don’t Be Fooled to Discounts and the Number of Buyers!

Offers a lot of convenience, shopping on line many people choose to meet their daily needs. Especially in a pandemic like now, people will usually feel more secure than shopping directly at the mall.

However, among its many conveniences, it turns out that there are some things that must be considered if you want the items you get as you wish. What should be considered? The following tips telling and simple you can do!

1. Do not rely on the number of items sold from a particular store


Eits, the large number of items sold from a store on line certain is not the main benchmark for ensuring the quality of the goods. Because the majority of people want to get goods at the lowest price, the store with the lowest offer will usually be invaded by consumers.

Look and pay attention to consumer responses in each comment column of goods sold. If there are many complaints about the goods received regarding the quality of goods, it is better to choose another store with better quality goods.

It’s okay if the price is a little more expensive if the quality of the item really is guaranteed to be safe. Although not always, the price of an item will usually be directly proportional to the quality of the item.

2. It is better to make a payment by way of cash on delivery (COD)

5 Tips on telling Online Shopping, Don't Be Fooled to Discounts and the Number of Buyers!Pixabay.com/natureaddict

All depends on each choice anyway. However, if you really want to be safe, you should make payment after the item arrives at home.

Especially if you are not accustomed to prepayments, there’s no harm in doing a COD system when making a payment system. It is also considered to be able to minimize fraud that is often done by olshop anaughty.

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3. Don’t be tempted voucher discount, cashback, free shipping, and more

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5 Tips on telling Online Shopping, Don't Be Fooled to Discounts and the Number of Buyers!Pixabay.com/rawpixel

Do not immediately be tempted by the lure voucher discount, cashback, free shipping and other promotional pranks. Remember, even though these promotions are often milling about on the account homepage olshop, don’t click right away if you really don’t know the terms and conditions that apply in it.

These promos will not actually apply to all stores on line because only for certain types or brands.

4. Don’t buy cheap items in small quantities

5 Tips on telling Online Shopping, Don't Be Fooled to Discounts and the Number of Buyers!Pixabay.com/Fangirl

This usually happens to ordinary consumers who are shopping for the first time on line. They will buy small items (like headset, key chains, socks, and the like) with a unit alias purchasing system.

As a result, the total price of shipping costs ordered will usually be greater than the price of the item itself. Instead of wanting to spend less, the consumer pays more than buying directly directly.

5. Don’t buy pirated goods, especially copyrighted items

5 Tips on telling Online Shopping, Don't Be Fooled to Discounts and the Number of Buyers!Pixabay.com/JESHOOTS-com

Well, this is a taboo for consumers who will shop for on line when going to buy goods that have copyright (one of them novels). Although sold at olshop reliable, do not ever buy pirated goods because tempted by the cheap price.

The writer Tere Liye strongly condemns sellers and buyers who carry out transactions of pirated goods. Buying pirated goods means enriching pirates and stealing the rights of writers who have spent a lot of time and thought to produce works.

So from now on, be more selective when shopping on line, yes?

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